AFSTAntifungal Susceptibility Testing
AFSTAssociation of Food Scientists and Technologists (India)
AFSTAssociation of Fire Science Technicians
AFSTAugmented Fire Support Terminal
AFSTAdaptive Fusion Steiner Tree (computing)
AFSTAir Force Special Tactics
AFSTArthur Fluid System Technologies (Texas)
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The AFST is designed to integrate and analyze hundreds of data elements--such as previous child welfare involvement or past criminal justice involvement--on each person added to a referral to generate an overall Family Screening Score that falls between 1 and 20.
In addition to gathering community feedback, the AFST underwent an ethical review.
We officially rolled out the AFST on August 1, 2016, and are currently undergoing both an impact evaluation, conducted by Stanford University, and a process evaluation, conducted by Hornby Zeller Associates.
Today, a little more than a year after implementation, we continue to explore methods to review, refine, and expand the AFST.
AFST strips by Etest are a validated agar based methodology that may be an alternative, because it is relatively easy to perform, with drug choice flexibility, and have very good consistency with the reference methodology.
Knowledge of local epidemiology and AFST profile may help physicians in selecting the appropriate therapy.