AFSVAAir Force Services Agency
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"Patrons will also be glad to Icnow the FSS gift card never expires, and penalty fees are never assessed," said Fred McKenney AFSVA Food and Beverage Division chief.
In addition, AFSVA has exponentially elevated fitness facility quality as defined by a star-level grading system ranging from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).
Under the terms of the contract, which is for four years with six one-year options, AT&T will build and transition the agency to a single cohesive network for all AFSVA locations worldwide.
Back row (I-r): Tony Logan, photographer; Master Sergeant Wanda Matthew, Awards; Major Robert Paleo, Laughlin vice president; Ada Frornuth, 12 CPTS vice president; Pat Reynolds, 5th Army/ARNORTH vice president; Joy Berberek, AFSVA vice president; Kathy Scott, MEDCOM vice president; Luann Trent, Programs; Master Sergeant Frank Remington, AIA vice president; Captain Daniel Lueck, general counsel.