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AFTAmerican Federation of Teachers
AFTAmerican Farmland Trust
AFTAgence France Tresor (French Treasury)
AFTAutomatic Fine Tuning
AFTAuthenticated Firewall Traversal
AFTAccelerated Failure Time
AFTAmericans for Fair Taxation
AFTAdvanced Food Technology
AFTAdiabatic Flame Temperature
AFTAutomated File Transfer
AFTAn Foras Taluntais
AFTAerobic Fitness Test (USAFA)
AFTAutogenic Feedback Training
AFTAnimal Facilitated Therapy
AFTAerodynamic Flight Test
AFTActive File Table
AFTAssociation Française du Titanic (French: French Titanic Society)
AFTAtmospheric Flight Test
AFTAbbreviated Functional Test
AFTAnalytic Forensic Technology
AFTAlabama Family Ties
AFTA Forgotten Tragedy (alternative band)
AFTAffine Fourier Transform
AFTAft Flight Test
AFTAutomated Fund Transfer
AFTAnalog Facility Terminal
AFTAbout Freaking Time (polite form)
AFTApplied Foundation Testing, Inc.
AFTApplication File Transfer
AFTAvailable File Table
AFTAgglutination-Flocculation Test
AFTAngle/Frequency Tracking
AFTAdvanced Function Terminal
AFTAnnual Funding Target
AFTAtech Flash Technology (Fremont, CA)
AFTAnnual Field Training (US military; Air National Guard)
AFTAssociation Française du Transpersonnel (French: French Transpersonal Association)
AFTAccueil Familial Thérapeutique (French: Home Family Therapy)
AFTAssociation Française de Terrariophilie (French: French Association of Arthropods)
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said Dan, as Harvey staggered aft with the steaming coffee in a tin pail.
The hours struck clear in the cabin; the nosing bows slapped and scuffled with the seas; the fo'c'sle stovepipe hissed and sputtered as the spray caught it; and the boys slept on, while Disko, Long Jack, Tom Plait, and Uncle Salters, each in turn, stumped aft to look at the wheel, forward to see that the anchor held, or to veer out a little more cable against chafing, with a glance at the dim anchor-light between each round.
The kegs are filled with gunpowder," said Spider, in a low tone, turning to those aft.
Again came Captain Van Horn's call, and Jerry, obedient, trotted on aft.
Getting acquainted with the five men aft in the cabin, and lining up the whole situation and the relations of each of the five to that situation and to one another, consumed much time.
I had had myself helped aft to the wheel, where I was going to make a shift at steering.
At that moment a young man in blue uniform came on deck farther aft and stood regarding the sunrise.
Duncan coolly pulled at his cigar and glanced aft at the rising cloud of squall.
Flora went up first, got down on deck and stood stock-still till the captain took her by the arm and led her aft.
Yes, sir;" and Thomas Mugridge fled swiftly aft and disappeared down another companion-way near the wheel.
I heard plainly the soughing of the wind aloft, the low cracks of the upper spars taking the strain, long before I could feel the least draught on my face turned aft, anxious and sight- less like the face of a blind man.
We snatched him up, lugged him aft, and pitched him head-first down the cabin companion.