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AFTAASEAN Free Trade Area
AFTAAustralian Federation of Travel Agents
AFTAAir Force Training Academy (gaming)
AFTAAmericans for the Arts
AFTAASEAN Free Trade Association (less common)
AFTAAssociation for Temperate Agroforestry
AFTAAmerican Family Therapy Association
AFTAApatite Fission Track Analysis (Geotrack International Pty. Ltd.)
AFTAArts for the Aging, Inc.
AFTAAft Frame Tilt Actuator (NASA)
AFTAAdvanced First Term Avionics
AFTAAvionics Fault Tree Analyzer
AFTAAcoustic Fatigue Test Article
AFTAAlberta Forest Technologists Association (Canada)
AFTAAssociate of the Federation of Tax Advisers (UK)
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Egypt's imports from AFTA reached EGP 80bn, registering an increase of 12.
8220;This is the first time IYC Travel has ever been nominated in the AFTA National Travel Industry Awards, and it's a huge thing to be nominated in three categories,” said Ms Barnett.
This suggests that the tariff reduction value when AFTA is utilized for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand on imports from the other nine ASEAN members is roughly $2 billion.
AFTA states that the DSM "delegitimizes the focus on relationship, life stage, community, and access to power and resources.
Now in an updated second edition, Strengthening Family Resilience is a guide for both families and therapists by Froma Walsh, who has received awards for her leadership in the field of family therapy from the Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and AFTA.
But Colombia has conceded a quota allowing the import of more than 800 million kg of soy from the US in AFTA, about 400 million kg more than Bolivia was able to sell to its fellow Andean nation last year under the prior trade regime.
They considered dropping the initial 'N' and just calling it the American Free Trade Agreement, or AFTA.
In offering our members a basic affiliation with AFTA and the opportunity to "upgrade" into the full array of their services, we are consciously challenging the polarizing assumptions that underlie the access/excellence and disciplines/agencies divide.
Malaysia's Proton losing out under AFTA, says Mahathir
Although the majority still regard the Association and its activities, mainly AFTA, as insignificant, ASEAN is still expected to enhance regional cooperation.
The direction by the government is clear and vehicle prices are not expected to come down with the implementation of AFTA in Malaysia,'' Aishah said.