AFTAHAmericans for Truth About Homosexuality (Naperville, IL)
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Maybe das not such one cool ting for say aftah all.
I have hyeahd o' lots o' sermons, An' I've hyeahd o' lots o' prayers, An' I've listened to some singin' Dat has tuck me up de stairs Of de Glory-Lan' an' set me Jes' below de Mastah's th'one, An' have lef my hea't a-singin' In a happy aftah tone; But dem wu'ds so sweetly murmured Seem to tech de softes' spot, When my mammy says de blessin', An' de co'n pone's hot.
"You b'lieve dat I stole f'om dis house aftah all de yeahs I've been in it, aftah de caih I took of yo' money and yo' valybles, aftah de way I've put you to bed f'om many adinnah, an' you woke up to fin' all yo' money safe?
But aftah closing da windows, da breathing persisted and intensified, until tonight when da breaths came so heavy it resembled one female respiratory patient with gala gala making one obscene phone call.
Aftah all my nagging my maddah and faddah finally gave in and we went, but nevah have no Star Wars toys.
I remembah da Christmas aftah Star Wars came out my faddah, with some convincing from my maddah, gave me one set of Star Wars action figures or what I believed at da time for be one set of action figures.
Truth be told, I wuz little bit let down dat my heroes nevah have no villains from da Empire for fight, but by dat point, aftah months and months of waiting, I wuz jus happy I got someting.
Aftah some negotiating I got my faddah for take care of da shipping.
I had to work McDonald's aftah school and on weekends too, so I hardly had free time.
Aftah much discussion, we agreed we wuz all for it cuz da tax incentive would lure more movies ova hea and we figured if Hawai'i can stand in for da whole world like in da television series Lost, den surely Hawai'i can be substitute too for da whole Star Wars galaxy.
Though I still holding out for da possibility dat Boba Fett's armor wuz able for keep him alive and he eventually regained control of his jetpack and wuz able for fly himself outta da pit aftah everybody left.
Aftah da Boss catches me playing Jedi, I tink about it for da whole day.