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AFTERAsset Protection, Front Door Coverage, Talk Shrink, Enhance Customer Experience, Receipt Verification (retail loss prevention)
AFTERArmy Future Test and Evaluation Requirement (US Army)
AFTERAssist in Fine Tuning Embedded Real-Time Systems
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Says David Bower: ``The afters hocks went on for months and months, and one of the questions we were asking ourselves was whether we were still classing them as aftershocks or separate earthquakes.
A fishing boat is beached on the pier of Tokachi port on Hokkaido after a tidal wave hit the area following a huge magnitude 8 earthquake Picture: AP PHOTO/KYODO
What we think: Good grooming has just got easier and better thanks to this cooling afters have gel.
There is a dinner planned for the Danish squad and their partners tonight, but the "afters" will depend on the result of the Croatia clash at Hillsborough.
He qualified as a member of the International Rescue Corps in September 2002 and this May he took part in a rescue mission after an earthquake in Algeria.
OUCH: Isidro recovers afters his nail gun accident.
But seconds later they fled in terror as it lunged at their boat and tried to have them for afters.
Of course, all good parties have a terrible end - the day after's hangover.
And to add to their misery, keeper Rhys Bills was sent off late in the game after picking up two yellow cards, the second for his part in the afters following an X-rated challenge from Spalding's Matt Varley on Reece Blackmore which also saw him see red.
Allie is stuck at school all day, long after everyone else has headed home, which is why she's such good friends with the kindly custodian.
Sam performs a love spell after landing in a love drought.
Athens -- Dozens of migrants were rescued Saturday off western Greece after their vessel sent a distress call, the coast guard said.