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AFTERAsset Protection, Front Door Coverage, Talk Shrink, Enhance Customer Experience, Receipt Verification (retail loss prevention)
AFTERArmy Future Test and Evaluation Requirement (US Army)
AFTERAssist in Fine Tuning Embedded Real-Time Systems
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Using old plots and dialogue, it pretended that young Latina lawyers and African-American Secret Service agents could still, week after week, off-handedly perform great and noble deeds by which freedom, democracy, and the American Way would be maintained.
30 Years After's First Civic Action Conference in 2008 attracted over 1,200 attendees in Los Angeles and launched 30 Years After as the leading voice of the Iranian-American Jewish community.
well, let's just say she gets to ride off into the sunset and live, as the well-worn phrase goes, happily ever after.
Xaus' fellow Spaniard Carlos Checa had been the top rider during the second qualifying session before superpole but will start from the second row after being only seventh quickest in superpole in 1:34.
Set up four years ago by Kate Marsden and husband Ian, Sought After on Newgate Street in Morpeth, Northumberland, is brimming with ideas for every room in the house.
BCCI was closed by the Bank in 1991 after huge frauds came to light.
After Kitchen Nightmares, proprietors signing up for a visit from Gordon should know what to expect: several days of foul-mouthed abuse directed at their cooking, their decor and themselves personally, much unqualified psycho-analysis, a side order of clumsy marriage guidance followed by a totally free makeover of their dump and a full reservations book for afters.
All this after the petit president said David Cameron's euro-crisis intervention was "a good time to shut up," and the British misunderstood Europe "because you come from an island".
It was another strong performance from the opera company, but Charlotte Ellett as Gretel deserves special mention for making it impossible to tell she was the understudy after Rebecca Evans fell ill.
But let's all get tattoos ironed on to celebrate the what we are that makes us what we are not and raise our bovrils high for all the games our eyes still cannot believe, like that Boxing Day where way-out fantasy became much real fact and we Three-Nil'd the Villa, and nobody ever doubted Santa was a Bluenose after that.
But, after leaving Liverpool, Burtonwood Services on the M62, near Warrington, was a pleasant surprise.
TENS of thousands of Japanese huddled in makeshift emergency shelters this weekend after a string of earthquakes in northern Japan flattened homes, toppled bridges and derailed trains, killing at least 21 people and reportedly injuring 2, 000 others.