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AFTERArmy Future Test and Evaluation Requirement (US Army)
AFTERAssist in Fine Tuning Embedded Real-Time Systems
AFTERAsset Protection, Front Door Coverage, Talk Shrink, Enhance Customer Experience, Receipt Verification (Best Buy loss prevention)
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well, let's just say she gets to ride off into the sunset and live, as the well-worn phrase goes, happily ever after.
Thirty years after a revolution that compelled thousands of Iranian Jews to rebuild their lives in the United States, our community is finally embracing our important civic responsibilities as Americans," said 30 Years After President Sam Yebri.
From its inception, after all, TV has been the keeper of social stability and harmony, an instrument of reassurance in a world gone awry and coming apart at the seams.
Several strong quakes followed throughout the night, and afters hocks continued to jolt the area throughout yesterday.
A study found eating a healthy brekkie, plus a small amount of choccy for afters, might help weight loss.
AMERICAN pop and R&B singer Ne-Yo has chosen Liverpool to host his official afters how party.
But they are quietly fancied to 'do a Derry' by being involved in the top four shake-up in their first season after promotion.
Trifle - which dates back to the 16th Century - was replaced by trendier treats like banoffee pie and cheesecake in the 1990s as traditional afters lost their popularity.
2-magnitude afters hock centred close to the provincial capital Band a Aceh shook the city after dawn today.
WARRINGTON-BASED car dealer Lookers yesterday said half yearly profits had more than doubled after it won back more than pounds 17m in overpaid VAT.
The star, once a hefty size 26, shed six stone after she lost her BBC show and husband Michael Kurer left her.
Most were killed by massive tidal waves that smashed coastlines after a magnitude 9.