AFTFAmerica Freedom to Fascism
AFTFAlluvial Fan Task Force (California Department of Water Resources)
AFTFAsia Fair Trade Forum (Quezon City, Philippines)
AFTFAnti-Flipping Task Force (Buffalo, NY)
AFTFA Fetish Too Far (sex)
AFTFAnti Furry Task Force (gaming)
AFTFAircraft Fire Training Facility
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To achieve good sealing of the ends during thermoforming, available extrusion dies were modified to produce the exact size (inner and outer diameter) with a clearance to match the plugs in the open tube bulge testing system utilized for AFTF as described in the next section.
In AFTF experiments, an increase in axial feed resulted in higher formability (bulge height) and delayed failure (thinning and/or bursting) (see Fig.
In this article, the mechanical properties and the characteristics of microstructures of oriented thermoformed polypropylene tubes through AFTF are investigated and compared with the extruded products through solid state extrusion.