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27) The AFTL exemplified these principles; however, Brandeis worked to extend this idea to the Federal Trade Commission as well as to the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, a non-governmental organization of business people.
Although the AFTL did not win explicit federal legislation, by 1920 it had gained significant judicial and administrative approval.
4, 2006) [hereinafter AFTL interview] (transcript, 3 on file with author); Interview with Dr.
40) AFTL interview, supra note 32, (transcript at 3).
This latest ploy by the FMA to strip patients of their rights to justice and fair compensation only proves once again that the organization was never interested in helping medical malpractice victims get more compensation, only in stopping them from being able to go to court in the first place," said AFTL spokesperson Jacqui Sisto.
Robert Peck, president of the Center for Constitutional Litigation, who also represented the AFTL, said, "The FMA is so blinded by their hatred of malpractice cases that they doggedly keep going down roads that the law forecloses to them.
CCL played a central role in developing the overall legal strategy for the case with the AFTL, including the filing of a separate declaratory judgment action earlier in 2005 that sought judicial approval of such waivers.
He also said he's confident there are more signatures for the three AFTL initiatives that the FMA has for its single one.
As chair of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers Family Law Section, she originated the Friends of the Guardian ad Litem Program in 1989, encouraging the AFTL board to ask each of its 3,000 members to donate eight hours of legal service to the GAL program.
In addition to their election, the AFTL named Richard M.
Roth of Miami and AFTL Executive Director Scott Carruthers also serve on the Executive Committee.
These two long-time friends clearly demonstrate the importance of our profession and the profound good that can be achieved in the service of justice," said AFTL.