AFTLSActors from the London Stage
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But AFTLS made production choices that alienated both their stated intended audience (audience members new to Shakespeare) and enthusiasts.
On the other hand, there were several moments during which AFTLS displayed the brilliance and ingenuity of Shakespeare's theatre for its entire audience.
As part of the University of Tennessee Marco Renaissance semester, the AFTLS Macbeth was an essential aspect of the overall effort to expand the boundaries of interest in Shakespeare.
If the actor-centric nature of the production created an awareness of the acting as acting, it highlighted a doubleness implicit in the exhortation to the Globe (or Curtain) audience in the Prologue to Henry V that Peter Holland quoted in the AFTLS Program Notes; even as the collaboration onstage clearly and crucially extended to the audience's imaginative participation in piecing out the production's imperfections with its thoughts, the audience was also able to experience the pleasurable frisson of witnessing a daring artistry born of starkly exposed imperfections.
On two of the three evenings that AFTLS was at Wellesley, this moment evoked unintended laughter, including the kind of laughter that Mountford's double turn as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern had.