AFTOCAssociation Française de personnes souffrant de Troubles Obsessionnels et Compulsifs
AFTOCAir Force Total Ownership Cost
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Actual versus ASM cost metric comparison All City Pairs Total Sorties Actual 69 ASM 75 Total Calculated Costs (One-Way) July 2012 AFTOC (Actual) $5.
The DoD has accumulated valuable information about its sustainment costs through systems like AFTOC and VAMOSC.
However, by analyzing the actual sustainment costs in VAMOSC and AFTOC, the 70 percent O&S to 30 percent Acquisition cost ratio for a "typical" DoD weapon system appears not to be valid.
0 percent and the total operating costs from the AFTOC data base averaged $3.
The CAIG is an OSD body that analyzes merged data from the AFTOC, Reliability and Maintainability Information System (REMIS), Multi-Echelon Resource and Logistics Information Network (MERLIN), and Personnel Data System (PDS) systems.
For this analysis, the SM-27s operations and support costs were derived from the T-6A operating and support costs documented in the AFTOC database.
42) Additionally, the total operating costs from the AFTOC database averaged $4.