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AFTOCAir Force Total Ownership Cost
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Actual versus ASM cost metric comparison All City Pairs Total Sorties Actual 69 ASM 75 Total Calculated Costs (One-Way) July 2012 AFTOC (Actual) $5.4M AFTOC (Model) $4.6M Logistics Factor (Actual) $8M Logistics Factor (Model) $6.4M Fuel (Actual) $3.8M Fuel (Model) $2.9M Note: Table made from bar graph.
From the information in the VAMOSC and AFTOC systems, we calculated an actual Annual Unitized O&S Cost (AUC) per program.
The DoD has accumulated valuable information about its sustainment costs through systems like AFTOC and VAMOSC.
However, by analyzing the actual sustainment costs in VAMOSC and AFTOC, the 70 percent O&S to 30 percent Acquisition cost ratio for a "typical" DoD weapon system appears not to be valid.
(17) The AFTOC costs most easily influenced at the unit, intermediate (regional), and depot levels are the maintenance and consumables expenditures.
Additionally, during the same 10-year period, the availability rate averaged 67.0 percent and the total operating costs from the AFTOC data base averaged $3.676M per aircraft.
The CAIG is an OSD body that analyzes merged data from the AFTOC, Reliability and Maintainability Information System (REMIS), Multi-Echelon Resource and Logistics Information Network (MERLIN), and Personnel Data System (PDS) systems.
In the cost estimates for a weaponized Raytheon platform, the level three CAIG elements for 23d Fighter Group munitions and stores were incorporated into the T-6A AFTOC data reflected in table 2.
For this analysis, the SM-27s operations and support costs were derived from the T-6A operating and support costs documented in the AFTOC database.
* LR200700701 Air Force Total Ownership Cost (AFTOC) Data
(42) Additionally, the total operating costs from the AFTOC database averaged $4.184M per aircraft.