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Those patients with Ascitic Fluid Total Protein (AFTP) < 2.5 gm/dl were taken to transudative group and > 2.5 gm/dl of AFTP were taken to exudative group.
A estabilidade da AFTP e proporcionada pelos ligamentos colateral medial, colateral lateral, cruzado cranial e cruzado caudal, sendo que o nome dos dois ultimos se deve ao local de insercao no plato tibial.
A RLCCr, que pode ser completa ou parcial, e considerada a enfermidade ortopedica mais importante na especie canina, sendo a causa mais comum de claudicacao do joelho e um dos principais fatores etiologicos da doenca articular degenerativa da AFTP (GRIFFON, 2010).
It was observed that sensitivity of SAAG in liver cirrhosis was 97% and that of AFTP was 53% only.
Conclusion: Diagnostic sensitivity of SAAG in liver cirrhosis is significantly higher than AFTP in workup of ascites related to portal hypertension.
The traditional classification of ascites is based on estimation of ascitic fluid total protein (AFTP), which is high ([greater than or equal to] 25 g/l) in exudate and low (less than 25 g/l) in transudate5.
Presently SAAG is not being used in our clinical practice, so this study was designed to compare the diagnostic sensitivity of SAAG and AFTP in ascites related to liver cirrhosis patients.
Estimation of albumin (g/l) was done on both serum and ascitic fluid by the Bromocresol green method17 and AFTP (g/l) was estimated by Biuret method18 on automated chemistry analyzer.
Sensitivity of SAAG and AFTP was calculated by comparing with ultrasonographic findings (gold standard) Sensitivity % = TP / TP + FN x 100.
al., 18 March 1983, AFT Office of the President, Box 64, Folder 64-16, AFTP, 1; Juan Williams, "White House Pushes for Tuition Tax Credit," Washington Post, 5 March 1983, sec.
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M Beg et al observed that the serum albumin ascitic gradient had a diagnostic sensitivity of 94.73% and 96% specificity, compared to AFTP, which is 65.62% and 68% respectively.