AFTRFAxial Flow Turbine Research Facility (Pennsylvania State University; State College, PA)
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where [p.sub.0i] is the mass-averaged total pressure at the cascade inlet and [U.sub.m] is the mean blade speed at the midspan taken from AFTRF test rig operation [20].
Temperature Latin Symbols C: Chord [C.sub.a]: Axial chord [C.sub.p0]: Total pressure coefficient h: Blade span h: Local heat transfer coefficient [bar.h]: Averaged heat transfer coefficient k: Turbulent kinetic energy [[??].sub.l]: Leakage mass flow rate p: Pressure, pitch [p.sub.0]: Total pressure [p.sub.0i]: Mass-averaged total pressure at inlet [q".sub.w]: Wall heat flux r: Radial s: Squealer rim width t: Squealer rim height T: Temperature [T.sub.i]: Mass flow-averaged temperature at inlet [T.sub.w]: Wall temperature u: Velocity [U.sub.m]: AFTRF blade tip velocity at midspan V: Velocity component x: Axial distance [y.sup.+]: Dimensionless wall distance [DELTA][C.sub.p0]: Total pressure loss coefficient.
Caption: Figure 2: Linear cascade arrangement for the AFTRF rotor.