AFTRSAustralian Film Television and Radio School
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AFTRS provides advanced education and training to develop the skills and knowledge of talented individuals to meet the evolving needs of Australia's screen and broadcast industries.
Before leaving for work the following Monday, she was phoned by John O'Hara, Director of AFTRS, who asked to see her as soon as she got in.
Entry into AFTRS is gained through a merit-based, competitive process.
The indefatigable Meredith Quinn, Publications Manager at AFTRS, worked with Liz Jacka to collect a bunch of likely suspects--Liz, John Sinclair, Rod Tiffen, Murray Goot, Peter White and me--and successfully propose to the AFTRS six editors to replace the one and only Henry
Barry Burgan, Academic Director at Torrens University Australia and a consultant for the AFTRS Centre for Screen Business, contributes:
The five-day AFTRS Real Filmmaking Workshop is the number one filmmaking workshop for young people in Australia.
Nevertheless, Haslem got the night's biggest laugh when she suggested that AFTRS run a course explaining the definition of 'just a tad'.
1993, Moran's Guide to Australian TV Series, AFTRS, Sydney.
AFTRS sits outside of the university sector, and offers an alternative model of how entertainment producing might be taught.
Labor's Senator Stephen Conroy was very interested in the transfer of the AFC research function to AFTRS, interrogating Chris Fitchett (then acting CEO of the AFC), who diplomatically answered that the functions needed to be carried out and the administrative arrangements were subsidiary.