AFTTPAir Force tactics, techniques, and procedures (US DoD)
AFTTPAir Force technical training publication (US DoD)
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See Air Force Basic Doctrine Annex 2-0, 24; and AFTTP 3-3.
As such, they are basically performing the same AFTTP 3-1 C2 functions for a completely different mission.
Yet, the tactical C2 functions in AFTTP 3-1 use both OODA and F2T2EA to explain the substance of each tactical C2 sub-function.
This function lost its parallel wording in the 2012 version of AFTTP 3-1, TACS.
Here in AFTTP 3-1, TACS, the "produce assessments" function is designed to capture what happens in aggregate at a tactical level of air operations within the battlespace where the SA of the actual fight is highest (line-of-sight sounds, the tone of human voices, sights, intuition, local signals intelligence, cumulative line-of-sight radio traffic, local human intelligence from sensitive site exploitation, real-time radar instead of data-link symbols, the feel of weather and topography, etc.
2009 and beyond); AFTTP 3-1, TACS, articulation of C2 tasks, functions, and authorities (2006-9); the Service Core Function Master Plan for C2 (2009); the C2 white paper by Col Tank McKenzie (former 505 ACW/CC) (2010); ACC's "TACS Functional Concept" (2008); the US Air Force Warfare Center's "Re-Blue" briefs in 2009 on defining C2; current ACC initiatives to define "distributed C2"; and Lt Col Beep Zall's current C2 definition project at the USAF Weapons School (2014), to name a few.
These C2 tasks were listed in AFTTP 3-1, TACS, until the last edition of 30 September 2009.
28, Tactical Employment, Space, 2002; and AFTTP 3-1, vol.