AFUDCAllowance for Funds Used During Construction
AFUDCAccumulated Funds Used During Construction
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Lower debt related costs were offset by a decrease in income related to debt AFUDC of $7.
3 million, but was partially offset by an increase in income related to AFUDC of $0.
0 million increase in the debt component of AFUDC related to higher average Construction Work in Progress ("CWIP"); and
This rate of return and common equity will not apply to the AFUDC calculation.
Lower AFUDC of about $12 million reflecting forecasted capital expenditure levels and project schedules.
5 million of additional income compared to 2008 which was related to the equity component of AFUDC and gains on properties sold during the first quarter of 2009.
The rate impact of the Langley Gulch plant was tempered by associated decreases in AFUDC of $6.
This decline was partially mitigated by new retail rates and increased AFUDC contributions.
The rate impact of Langley Gulch was tempered by associated decreases in AFUDC of $6.
The estimated project cost approved by the PSCW is approximately $410 million excluding AFUDC.
Increased AFUDC (allowance for funds used during construction) due to higher balances of construction work in progress subject to AFUDC in 2008.
Approximate $650-$750 million investment, excluding AFUDC and transmission upgrades, for construction of the combined-cycle, natural gas-fired Marshalltown Generating Station