AFULAssociation Francophone des Utilisateurs de Linux et des Logiciels Libres
AFULAviation Fuel Specialist (US Coast Guard)
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Unconfirmed reports indicate that as many as 30 workers, which includes lecturers, have been sacked by the current administration, headed by Professor Aful Broni, who took over the reins of the university just last year.
Nevertheless, common sense should have taught Prof Aful Broni's administration that in sacking such a huge number of staff, almost at the same time, the ramifications will be dire.
De plus, l'expertise developpee par les chercheurs et les professionnels des AFUL, notamment dans le traitement, l'organisation et le classement des archives sonores et manuscrites, ou encore dans l'elaboration de catalogues raisonnes et de typologies specialisees, a contribue, en plus de fournir une documentation riche pouvant conduire a des analyses plus approfondies, a leur faconner une solide reputation sur le plan national et international.
(9.)Fondees en 1944, les AFUL sont les plus anciennes archives de folklore en Amerique du Nord et encore aujourd'hui le plus important centre d'archives sur la culture francophone en Amerique du Nord.
Heba Masalha, al-Qiq's attorney, said the director of Aful hospital, where al-Qiq is being hospitalized, informed her that physicians at the hospital are concerned about a potential kidney failure or a brain stroke, due to al-Qiq's deteriorating health status.
Contract notice: framework agreement with purchase orders, without minimum or maximum relative to the realization of co-ownership, asl, aful and asp and division of property on part of the heritage of the sfhe
- mission 3: follow up of the execution of works of the maintenance and maintenance market of the current system by order forms at the request of the aful according to the needs and the importance of the works.
Contract notice: management of the aful (free urban land association) of the real estate complex "cit internationale paul ricoeur" in rennes
Contract notice: Framework agreement with alloti and single-beneficiary purchase orders, With no minimum or maximum, Relating to the services of land surveyor in connection with the co-ownership, The realization of asl, Aful and asp, The land division with a view to the sale in batches of a part of the heritage of the sfhe
This contract includes optional services: - the picket and winter maintenance services of the so-called "new grand orlyparc" and "aful" perimeters, - the winter maintenance benefits of the "romeo" perimeter.
Realization of condominiums, Asl and aful, division of property.