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Patients with sepsis (day 1:45304 [+ or -] 11096 AFUs versus day 4: 45081 [+ or -] 11047 versus day 7: 44871 [+ or -] 19480; ANOVA, p = 0.99) and severe sepsis (day 1: 37181 [+ or -] 2204 AFUs versus day 4: 37513 [+ or -] 1954 AFUs versus day 7: 40116 [+ or -] 2622 AFUs, ANOVA, p = 0.68) did not show any significant change in NETosis over time.
Survivors of sepsis/severe sepsis had greater PMA-induced NETosis on admission than nonsurvivors had (47153 [+ or -] 1559 AFUs versus 34241 [+ or -] 4666 AFUs; Student's t-test p = 0.002; see Figure 3).
The receiver operator curve (ROC) of survivors and nonsurvivors demonstrated an area under the curve of 0.70 (95% CI: 0.56-0.86; p = 0.011) with admission PMA-induced NET value of less than 39000 AFUs, having a 56% sensitivity and a 71% specificity for predicting 30-day mortality, whilst for 90day mortality there was a 47% sensitivity and 70% specificity.
Suppression of ex vivo NETosis below 39000 AFUs was performed comparatively with other traditional biomarkers in predicting mortality from sepsis such as the severity of acidosis (SBE) and lactate [30].
In addition the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) will be able to recover the cost of issuing movement licences and for approving Approved Finishing Units (AFU).
Approved Finishing Units (AFUs) must be approved by APHA and must follow strict conditions to reduce the potential risk of disease spread.
AFUs provide a route for cattle keepers to fatten or finish animals from both TB-restricted and unrestricted farms.
president Minette Batters, NFU deputy president, said: "This is an excellent result for farmers with grazing AFUs. The change to the guidance was introduced last August without any consultation with industry, or any apparent disease control justi-fication.