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AFWAdvanced Firewire
AFWArea Flowchart Work
AFWAirport Fort Worth (code; Fort Worth, TX)
AFWAir Force Weather
AFWAmerican Furniture Warehouse (Englewood, CO)
AFWAssociation Française de Wakeboard (French: French Wakeboard Association)
AFWAmnesty for Women
AFWAuxiliary Feedwater (Nuclear Power)
AFWArbeitgeberverband der Finanzdienstleistenden Wirtschaft (German: Employers' Association of Financial Service Providers)
AFWAlliance Airport, Fort Worth (Airport Code)
AFWAgriculture, Fish and Water (Washington State Conservation Commission; Lacey, WA)
AFWAway From Window
AFWApplication Frame Work
AFWAdvanced Fusion Workstation
AFWAfrica Water Network
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The AFW runway 2018 event in Lagos will feature 45 designers from 14 countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, France, Morocco, the United Kingdom, the United States , the Caribbean and Nigeria.
AFW UK is in the engineering and construction, operations and maintenance and hook-up services markets in the UK oil and gas market.
This fact is proven when the values obtained from AWAB and AFW were also observed, which were also low for flooded areas and at these isolated sites in the areas of sponteneous secondary vegetation and pasture, ranging from 17 to 42 kg for AWAB and 12 to 52 kg for AFW in all the areas.
Firstly, a novel evolutionary algorithm named AFW is proposed, which is constituted of fireworks explosion, mutation explosion, and selection of explosion locations.
Heritability estimate: The analysis of wool production of 3150 offspring of 38 rams in the present study indicated that the heritability estimate for AFW, SFW, and CFW were 0.
Engagement distances and the changing environment create a need for more robust models and simulations than currently exist in the AFW inventory.
In the present study, single marker association analysis was performed to detect the effects of the sixteen markers on AFW and AFP both in every generation and across generations.
To meet this material handling challenge, AFW employs a staff of 90 to 100 lift truck drivers who operate a fleet of electric-powered lift trucks, which consist of:
You must navigate your team of eight AFW pilots safely through the battles, as well as looking after your ground troops.
Before the sand reclamation project, AFW was land-filling 6,500 tons of sand per year.
Understanding the interaction between net-centricity and AFW operations requires some awareness of the fundamental concepts of each.