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AFWAir Force Weather
AFWAmerican Furniture Warehouse (Englewood, CO)
AFWAuxiliary Feedwater (Nuclear Power)
AFWArbeitgeberverband der Finanzdienstleistenden Wirtschaft (German: Employers' Association of Financial Service Providers)
AFWAlliance Airport, Fort Worth (Airport Code)
AFWAway From Window
AFWAdvanced Fusion Workstation
AFWApplication Frame Work
AFWAfrica Water Network
AFWAssociation Française de Wakeboard (French: French Wakeboard Association)
AFWAgriculture, Fish and Water (Washington State Conservation Commission; Lacey, WA)
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In contrast, the females showed greater AFW and AFY than males (p < 0.
Four types of window systems are discussed in this paper: single glazed with blinds and exhaust system above or below windows, low-e double glazed with blinds, AFW, and doubleskin facades.
Engagement distances and the changing environment create a need for more robust models and simulations than currently exist in the AFW inventory.
You must navigate your team of eight AFW pilots safely through the battles, as well as looking after your ground troops.
Dvornik's sentiment about AFW seems to fit the thinking of many metalcasters.
In the present study, single marker association analysis was performed to detect the effects of the sixteen markers on AFW and AFP both in every generation and across generations.
Increasing connectivity, net-centric decision making with its demand for consistency, and decreasing AFW manpower will reduce AFW's ability to support net-centric decision makers in the future unless it shifts resources from human-based forecast tailoring to a more automated approach.
The deaths of these young mountain gorillas represent a devastating setback in our fight against extinction," said AFW president Mr Michael Wright.
The financial and environmental benefits achieved as a result of participation in the Wisconsin Profitable Sustainability Initiative will be discussed by representatives of AFW Foundry, Inc.
To kick off the weekend on Friday evening, members of the military, their families and Sky Ball volunteers will be treated to a free private concert at AFW by country music singer-songwriter Clint Black.
A spokesperson for AFW said the program, launched through the Wisconsin Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI), also is expected to reduce raw material expenditures and shrink the plant's environmental footprint.