AFWAAir Force Weather Agency
AFWAAssociation of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (Washington, DC)
AFWAArtists Foundation of Western Australia (est. 1986; now Artsource)
AFWAAsthma Foundation of Western Australia
AFWAAustralian Federation for the Welfare of Animals
AFWAAlberta Farm Writers Association
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Simulate the PID parameters tuning model based on AFWA with 5 typical transfer functions, respectively, in which filter coefficient is set as 100 according to testing benchmarks.
The Millennial Accountant" from June is an interesting summary of the trends that the author has seen in AFWA scholarship applicants; for example, more than 14% have entrepreneurial career plans.
The AFWA website hosts a career center, where job seekers can view positions and access a large library of information such as salaries, cost of living data, and interview and resume tips.
The AWSCPA and AFWA are partners in the Accounting MOVE Project, which is an annual survey on the status of women in the public accounting industry.
Prior-year studies that have focused on retention and millennials are available on both AWSCPA and AFWA websites.
Thus, we can say unquestionably that AFWA by providing selfless services in the educational and social welfare fields, has strengthened the true and constructive spirit" (Jamal A.
The contract also calls for TRW to modernize and enhance existing systems to enable AFWA to improve mission support.
TRW will help the Air Force Weather Agency maintain its role as the operator's top choice for aerospace weather information," said Al Ronn, TRW's AFWA SEMS program manager in Omaha, Neb.
Under related contracts in its growing weather business, TRW integrates high-resolution weather analyses, forecast models, and space weather applications into AFWA production systems and deploys regional weather forecast systems for worldwide support to battlefield theaters.
Information gathered by these analysts is primarily intended for the AFWA, whose staff members then pass on alerts to NASA, NOAA, United States Strategic Command, Air Force Space Command and other high-priority programs.
When that happens, solar data transmits directly to the AFWA, at Offutt AFB, Neb.
Once they are fully automated, they will be building an essential hub at the AFWA," said Staff Sgt.