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AFWSAdvanced Flood Warning System (various locations)
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The tool can be used to evaluate the performance of window systems such as AFWs and DSFs.
The thermal performance of window systems, such as AFWs and DSFs, can be simulated while considering the effects of vertical temperature distributions in ventilated cavities.
The Sake Sommelier of the Year competition is organised by the AFWS in association with the UK-based SSA and sponsor Gekkeikan, one of the world's oldest and finest sake producers.
The BII linked up with the AFWS in 2010 in order to recognise the fact that pubs offer excellence in food and wine and deserve to be recognised alongside restaurants as such.
ACHIEVEMENT From left, John Thurso MP, Battlesteads owners Dee and Richard Slade, Graham Threader from the British Institute of Innkeeping and AFWS president Roy Ackerman
The main action of the game is set in 1964 when a North Japanese spy steals a new generation Type 3 AFW.
You must navigate your team of eight AFW pilots safely through the battles, as well as looking after your ground troops.
Originally awarded in 1996, the AFWS contract supports a wide range of users including tactical battle management, scientific and research professionals, and logistics.
Table 7 shows the performance values for each element of the AFWs in Building S (located in Tokyo; reproducibility calculations were performed for band windows, with a cavity depth of 0.282 m [0.925 ft]), using measured outdoor air temperature, vertical solar radiation transmitted through the outer glass, and indoor air temperature as boundary conditions.
Heat Transfer Coefficients used for Airflow Windows Location Type of Heat Detailed Heat Transfer Coefficient, Transfer Location W/([m.sup.2]*K) Coefficient [Btu/(h*f[t.sup.2]*[degrees]F)] External Total -- 23.0 (4.07) surface Convective Outer glass 4.7 (0.83) Between Convective Blinds 4.7 (0.83) outer glass and blinds Radiant -- 4.7 (0.83) Convective Inner glass 4.7 (0.83) facing the intermediate cavity Between Convective Blinds 4.7 (0.83) inner glass and blinds Radiant -- 4.7 (0.83) Internal Convective Inner glass 4.7 (0.83) surface facing indoor Radiant Between inner 4.7 (0.83) glass and indoor Note: Airflow volume for AFWs were assumed to be 113.7 [m.sup.3]/(h-m) (20.1 cfm/ft) for summer and 151.2 [m.sup.3]/(h-m) (26.3 cfm/ft) for winter according to measurement results.