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AFibAtrial Fibrillation
AFibAssociation Française des Intermédiaires Bancaires (French: French Association of Intermediate Banking)
AFibAssociation Française des Ingénieurs Biomédicaux
AFibAtrial Fibrillation Investigation with Bidisomide (cardiology)
AFibAssociation Familiale Intercommunale de Beauvais (French: Beauvais Intercommunal Family Association; Beauvais, France)
AFibAl-Faysal Investment Bank Ltd. (Pakistan)
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provides technologies for the treatment of Afib and related conditions.
Standard Conventional Treatment in Patients With LV [Left Ventricular] Dysfunction and AF) study, run entirely in patients with HF with reduced ejection fraction and AFib, showed a statistically significant improvement in patient survival and HF hospitalization after catheter ablation compared with medical management (N Engl J Med.
guidelines for heart failure and AFib management are updated.
The incidence of AFib was 5.0 and 4.1 per 1,000 person-years in the ustekinumab and TNF inhibitor groups, respectively, with an adjusted hazard ratio of 1.08 (95% confidence interval, 0.76-1.54).
When it took his reading, Tom's watch said it couldn't check for AFib because the heart rate was over 120 beats per minute: "If you're not feeling well, you should talk to your doctor," it said.
People with AFib appeared to lose more ability in two of the three cognitive tests: the DSST, a test of executive function and processing speed, and the WFT, a test of executive function and language.
The study is designed to analyze the impact of Apple Watch on the early detection and diagnosis of AFib, and the potential to improve outcomes including the prevention of stroke.
"Through Apple Watch people have been able to learn more about their heart health, including discovering they have AFib. This kind of information empowers customers to follow up with the right treatment or even better, implement healthy habits aimed at prevention," said Jeff Williams, chief operating officer, Apple Inc.
[USA], Sep 22 ( ANI ): According to a new research, black and Latino individuals are paradoxically more likely to experience higher rates of complications and even death as a result of atrial fibrillation, also known as AFib.
Patients with nonvalvular AFib are at increased risk of stroke when blood pools in their heart and forms a clot that can be ejected into the bloodstream.
Previous studies have shown similarly increased rates of AFib among endurance athletes such as long-distance runners, said researchers, including those from Cleveland Clinic in the US.
Cardiologs is the world's most advanced cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence-powered ECG analysis solution to aid healthcare professionals in screening for arrhythmias such as AFib using ambulatory ECG monitoring recordings.