AG1Aerographer's Mate First Class (Naval rating)
AG1Asbestosis Grade 1
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No entanto, ao somarmos verbos e nomes, em AG1 ocorre um predominio significante de iambos.
31, 2008, so it may be claimed on a 2008 amended return (the AG1 limitations would then be based on 2008 information).
The results in Table 3 for 10-m line spacing show a very close linear relationship between measured values of depth to B horizon for GPR tie lines and the kriged GPR data for AG1 and AG2.
In 2009, your eligibility to contribute to a Roth IRA phases out for couples with a combined gross income [AGI] between $166,000 and $176,000, and for single filers with an AG1 between $105,000 and $120,000.
mo-t kalam dau (also : jaa-s) brother AG1 me-DAT pen gave Brother gave me the pen.
No caso da variável AG, somente a variável AG1 é relevante para o modelo, pois as demais variáveis não contribuem com o resultado.
The reason for including these constructions was to observe children's choice of NP in the case of two possible candidates for agreement in (6d) and to examine their preference with conflicting cues for case and agreement as in (6e)/(6e') with AG1 vs.
3] Comparisons between SOI and NIPA estimates of AG1 for 1998 are only approximate because the SOI estimate shown was revised after the reconciliation was made.
For instance, the imprint date of 10 February 1556 on *P AG1 [= the Anglo-Genevan psal ter] means that it was published in 1557, New Style" (1:96).
The registration AG1 goes under the hammer next month after owner Norman Ganley passed away.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 AG1 are 4 hospitals with a total of about 1 108 beds in which to manage a total of approximately 5735 devices or records and about 6000 instruments containers, instrument sets and single Wrapped instruments and maintain.
Third, the ESBT compares the combined undistributed net investment income with the excess of its AG1 over the Sec.