AG2Aerographer's Mate Second Class (Naval rating)
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Para un alumno del grupo "Es posible bajar los precios del hospedaje o los pasajes aereos para que los turistas viajen a un destino, pero es imposible evitar un tsunami" (AG2).
Additionally, during the 1984-1988 period upwelling index values were low (Lluch-Cota, 2000) compared to this study in which two new assemblages were found (AG1 and AG2).
En primer lugar, se muestra una distribucion total de los 23 terminos en un plano de ejes coordenados correspondientes a las agrupaciones AG1: utilitarios (15,858% de la varianza); AG2: apariencia (14,252% de la varianza), pero que tambien integra AG3: perceptivos (11,061% de la varianza), como lo muestra la figura 5 para observar el grado de influencia intergrupal.
With GDPR regulation nearly upon us, AG2 is uniquely positioned to deliver this innovative product range to the Irish market." - Eddie Byrne, Managing Director, AG2.
In addition, the bureaucratic process in the perception of AG2 involving the provision of microcredit in the Public Bank B is illustrated in Figure 3.
Observed lack of enhancement in case of Ag2 and Ag3 series is consistent with TEM results.
Labels: DD1--Descent to demi-plie in first position; AD1--Ascent from demi-plie in first position; DG1--Descent to grand plie in first position; AG1--Ascent from grand plie in first position; DD2--Descent to demiplie in second position; AD2--Ascent from demi-plie in second position; DG2--Descent to grand plie in second position; AG2 Ascent from grand plie in second position.
Todas las muestras se ensayaron tambien por BioELISA Chagas (Biokit; Espana), que utilizo como antigeno peptidos sinteticos TcD, TcE, PEP2 y TCLi1-2 y por Chagatest ELISA recombinante V.3.0 (Winer laboratorio; Argentina), que utilizo como antigeno las proteinas recombinantes Ag1, Ag2, Ag13, Ag30, Ag36, y SAPA.
First of all, it is remarkable how much conauto-2.03 outperforms conauto-2.00 in some particular cases in which conauto-2.00 reached the limit, whilst conauto-2.03 keeps the search tree in manageable sizes (see the CMZ, MA2, AG2, PG2 and HAD families).
[R.sub.c] [(R + C).sub.AG] [(R + C).sub.AG] Effect group AG1 2.667 -1.471 AG2 2.139 -1.813 AG3 2.224 -2.281 AG4 1.663 -0.241 AG5 1.047 -1.879 [R.sub.d] [(R + C).sub.EP] [(R + C).sub.EP] Cause group EP1 5.926 1.788 EP2 6.405 2.453 EP3 5.162 0.657 EP4 4.996 2.157 EP5 4.491 1.565
To validate the iTRAQ-label and label-free quantitation results, we analyzed four downregulated cellular proteins by Western immunoblotting, including galectin-1 (LGALS1, or Gal1), galectin-3 (LGAL3, or Gal3), Anterior gradient protein 2 homolog (AG2), and CD98 (SLC3A2), an activator of dibasic and neutral amino acid transporter in both HAdV-B3- and HAdV-C5-infected cells.
out_A = (AA1 x A1 + AC 1 x C1 + AG1 x G1 + ATI x T1) x(AA2x A2 + AC 2 x C2 + AG2 x G2 + AT2 x T2).