AG2Aerographer's Mate Second Class (Naval rating)
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With GDPR regulation nearly upon us, AG2 is uniquely positioned to deliver this innovative product range to the Irish market.
In addition, the bureaucratic process in the perception of AG2 involving the provision of microcredit in the Public Bank B is illustrated in Figure 3.
As classes de agregados AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4, AG5 e DMP variaram em funcao das camadas amostradas do solo (Tabela 6).
AG2 In dealing with competitors, our organization typically adopts a very competitive posture aiming at overtaking the competitors.
Al comparar los valores de los errores descritos en la Tabla 3, correspondientes al CE en la semana 1, se observa que la temperatura del aceite superior identificada con AG2 es mas exacta que la identificada con AG1 y MC.
In January 2002, EST Analytical signed an agreement to sell Thermo's Konelab series; last month, Cal-Bay International said it had received an order for more than $50,000 for Westco's SmartChem, its first sale of the instrument after adding it to its product line in the summer; and in February, Bran+Luebbe, which manufacturers its own continuous flow analyzer, the AutoAnalyzer 3, announced that it would distribute SEAL's AG2 and AQUA900 discrete analyzers in Europe under a joint name (see IBO 6/30/03).
He co-founded AG2 (CRP Venture Capital), RAGE (Prax Holding) and Santa Transmedia Productions.
hydrophila Pseudomonas Proteus sp aeruginosa Abu-Quier AQ1 -- 6 -- AQ2 -- -- -- Sidi Bishr SB 6 -- -- Stanley ST -- -- -- El-Shatby SH1 15 -- -- SH2 -- -- -- East harbor EH1 14 18 10 EH2 10 16 8 El-Mex MX 11 9 8 El-Dekhela DK1 11 11 -- DK2 11 11 -- El-Agami AG1 8 8 -- AG2 8 8 -- AG3 8 -- 8 Location Code IsolateInhibition zone diameter (mm) against Gram -positive bacteria Staphylococcu Bacillus Micrococcus aureus cereus luteus Abu-Quier AQ1 -- -- 1.
French advertising group Publicis Groupe (EPA:PUB) said it had inked an agreement to take over Brazilian digital agency AG2 for an undisclosed sum.
AG1 Keith Philips, AG1 Justin Shaw, AG2 Juan Arredondo, AG2 Carlos Martinez and AG2 Ryan Sorge have submitted papers to become officers.