AG3Aerographer's Mate Third Class (Naval rating)
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Regarding soil texture, the three composite PF samples were silt loam (PF1), sandy loam (PF2) and loam (PF3), whereas the three agricultural soil samples were silt loam (AG1 and AG3) and loam (AG2; Table 1).
Distribution of larval fish species of November-December 2005 contained in a) group 3 (AG3), b) group 4 (AG4), c) group 5 (AG5).
The bureaucratic process in the perception of AG3, involving the provision of microcredit in the State Development Bank is represented in Figure 4.
Moreover, parameter of Ag3 sample is even higher and equals 725.6 which confirms that most of silver exists in [Ag.sup.0] form.
Van Elsas, "Effect of above-ground plant species on soil microbial community structure and its impact on suppression of Rhizoctonia solani AG3," Environmental Microbiology, vol.
PCR amplification with forward primer 27F (5'AGA GTT TGA TCM TGG CTC AG3') and reverse primer 1492R (5'TACGGYTACCTTGTTACGACTT3') was carried out with the optimized cycles conditions.
Potato growth and tuber production as affected by inoculation of cut and whole seed with rhizoctoniasolan1 (AG3) and the use of seed treatment fungicides.
Exon 14 (Arg453Cys): Fragment size: 287 base pairs; Forward primer: 5' CAC TCT TCC CAA CCC TG3'; Reverse primer: 5' GGTCCA CAGCTGGCTCTA AG3'
The PCR primers were as follows: 5'-AAG TCA GGT TCT TCC GCC AC-3' and 5'-CGG TAG GCA CTG CTC TCA AAG-3' for the NEIL1 transcript (transcript variant 2: NM_024608), 5'-GCA GAA TAA CTG TGT GCC GCT-3' and 5'-ACC CTG CTA GAT GTC CAA CTG ATT-3' for the NEIL3 transcript, and 5'-GCT CAG ACA CCA TGG GGA AG3' and 5'-TGT AGT TGA GGT CAA TGA AGG GG-3' for the GAPDH (ENSG00000111640) transcript.
A second African grey (AG3) was studied at 1.5 mg/kg (39 ng/mL) and 9 mg/kg (390 ng/mL), resulting in a much higher than anticipated concentration at 9 mg/kg.