AGABAssigned Gender at Birth
AGABAnti-Human Granulocyte Antibody
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Agab, indicated to keenness of the group to expand its different projects in Sudan in the coming period, conveying greetings of the chairman of the Group's Board of Directors , Al-Shiekh, Salih Al-Kamel to the Prime Minister.
Dr Agab said in many instances false claims of treating serious diseases
Wahid Ali Agab, from the BDF Hospital, will be Board Chairman, Dr.
Fischer-Elfert, Die Satirische Streitschrift des Papyrus Anastasi L Obersetzung und Kommentar, AgAb 44 (Wiesbaden, 1986), 161/168; H.-W.
Salah Agab, Chairman of the Department of Antiquities with support from BP Exploration Libya Limited - were based on the third volume of the "Archaeology of the Fazzan" series, a new book recently published by the Department of Antiquities and British Society for Libyan Studies.
Die bybelse geskiedenis van Agab en Nabot herhaal hom hier in die aansprake van die Citrusdalse NG-gemeente en hul verhouding met die magtelose bewoners van Elandskloof.
CAIRO: Saudi Arabia's Shabab are no longer interested in Flavio Amado as they have signed Kuwaiti striker Ahmed Agab instead.
Yet, given all the complexities and conflicts that accompanied the works of the proponents of the al-Ghaba w al-Sahra vision, other literary schools emerged in Sudan including the recent Sudanawiyyah, literally "Sudaneseness." Abdel Moneim Agab Alfiya notes that: In order to search for a more comprehensive formula to include all the complexities available in the Sudanese cultural atmosphere, a group of intellectuals founded in the nineteen-eighties a new format known as (Sudanawiyyah), which does not differ in its thesis from the "al-Ghaba w al-Sahra" vision.
He gave a directive during his meeting in the Republican Palace Tuesday with the Waki (governor) of West Kordofan State, Ahmed Agab Al-Faiya, for consistence of political statements, boosting social peace and continuing the weapons collection.
[beaucoup moins que]Ce plan a pour objectif d'ameliorer la gestion des pecheries maritimes et impliquera differents secteurs dont l'agence spatiale, l'institut national de la peche et les pecheurs[beaucoup plus grand que] a indique Chouaib Agab, president de la chambre de la peche et de l'aquaculture, lors de son intervention a la troisieme rencontre avec le mouvement associatif intitulee [beaucoup moins que]vers le renforcement du role du mouvement associatif pour une cooperation durable et efficace[beaucoup plus grand que], tenue jeudi a Staoueli.