AGACAdvanced Genetic Analysis Center (Minnesota)
AGACAmerican General Assurance Company (credit insurance)
AGACAustralian Guardianship and Administration Council (est. 1993)
AGACAttorney General's Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys
AGACAmerican Guild of Actors and Composers
AGACAchenbach Graphics Arts Council (San Francisco, CA)
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The Cessna Skyhawk and the AGAC Traveler/Cheetah are the most logical competitors to the Warrior for the attention of buyers who want four-seaters that won't break the bank and who are willing to settle for modest performance.
Ayrica bu calismada elde edilen 16S rDNA nukleotid sekanslari ile Gen-Bank'ta kayitli sekanslarin bir araya getirilerek yapilan maximum likelihood temelli filogenetik analiz sonucunda elde edilen filogenetik agac Sekil 1'de sunulmustur.
Speaking in an interview with this paper recently in his office on 24th Street Sinkor, in Monrovia, following an assessment of farmlands owned by 'Afro Green Liberia in Bensenville City, Montserrado County, the Aim Global Agribusiness Company boss says AGAC is also involved in animal husbandry and conduct assessment of landscape, including soil test.
Agac MT, Acar Z, Akdemir R, Korkmaz L, Kiris A, Akyuz AR, et al.
Cekil 1'de yer alan agac grafigi, ele alinan ulkelerin iklime direncli ve dufuk karbonlu ekonomiye gecif gostergeleri bakimindan on farkli grupta toplanabilecegini ortaya koymaktadir.
Locus Dye Motif Final (primer) GenBank number ([micro]m) MIH-SSR D4 [(GT) 24] 0.063 U19764 CSA-035 D2 [(GT).sub.29] 0.066 AY359558 CSA-121 D3 [(AGAC).sub.9] 0.308 AY359568 CSC-094 D4 [(TCTG).sub.6] 0.063 AY359548 CSC-007 D3 [(GA).sub.35] 0.500 AY359535 CSA-073 D2 [(GT).sub.57] 0.500 AY359564 Dye = fluorescent label on forward primer; motif = repeat motif; final (primer) = final polymerase chain reactions concentration of the marker.
Aromaterapi, yaprak, cicek, agac kabugu, meyve, kok gibi bitkisel kaynaklardan cikarilmis ve konsantre edilmis esansiyel yaglarin terapotik amacla kullanilmasidir.
< agac 'tree' {with suff +cI}." In this case there is an attested igacci in East Old Turkic, with an alternate Turkic agacci derived from the well-attested agac 'tree' with the agent suffix +ci/ci.
Primer sequences for the initial round of amplification were (5-AGAC AGAC ATTA GCTC AGTA-3 ') and (5 '-GGCAAAGAACACGTCCATTC-3').