AGAIAmerican Gastroenterological Association Institute
AGAIAntano Gustaicio Aviacijos Institutas (Lithuania)
AGAIArmy General Administrative Instruction (UK)
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When at sea and fishing, it comes to the surface fo the purpose of breathing with such a spring, and dives agai so instantaneously, that I defy any one at first sight to b sure that it was not a fish leaping for sport.
With janitors also It's little surprise that the Labour/Tory alliance in North Lanarkshire Council is agai working together to force through budget cuts which impact workers, the young and old, and the less well-off.
We placed 200 [micro]L of the agai culture in 1.5-mL microtubes with 500 [micro]L of phosphate-buffered saline at pH 7.2, incubated the sample in a water bath for 15 minutes at 98[degrees]C, and centrifuged it at 3,500 rpm for 3 minutes.
"LA "him years "I him agai"Every footballer in the world knows Rafa Benitez.
Wait, the link is back up agai no, adverts the house test card adve test ca hou adv h birdsong An epic technical disaster that was exactly what Channel 5 deserved.
Researchers at Sao Paulo State University in Brazil found that hardwoods like Brazil nut and wild cacao and agai trees are being replaced by smaller-seeded softwood trees like local varieties of pine and laurel, which, unfortunately, store less carbon than hardwoods.
Known as AGAI 67, the rules made the unofficial exercise illegal while formalising the disciplinary system within the military by requiring paperwork for each punishment issued.
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Nyibol Agai from Tonj South county wondered why the governor decided to leave behind her new born baby, yet many women look to her as their role model in society.
Srinivasan spoke for a while and asked every BCCI member to unite agai nst those trying to malign his image and thereby destroy BCCI's credibility.
Better was to come with Robson winning the 12th and Nielsen getting revenge over Konopka to take the third placed point that critically tied the scores 36-36, but the Bears fought back instantly with a 5-1 in heat 13 as Summers and Lawson got their acts together to smother Bach and Lindgren and take a four point lead agai.
It shows, yet agai n, that our education is second to none.