AGAIGAs Good As It Gets
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President Al-Bashir opened Tuesday morning desalination projects of Sawakin water with a storage capacity of 500 cubic meters per day, water station of Agaig Locality with a capacity of 250 cubic meters per day and the station of Sinkat at a capacity of 250 cubic meters as well as that of Gabeit-al-Ma'adin Locality with a daily storage capacity of 250 cubic meters.
DB - Monkees hit TMD - Savage Garden TG - 1967 movie with Dustin AGAIG - Jack Nicholson (1) movie, 1997 AFR - Diary show on TV TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and 1 Container for drink (3); 2 Belief (5); 3 Band fronted by Roy Wood (4); 4 K2, Everest, Rushmore (9).
More than half (53 per cent) o t f the executives interviewed said that their revie ew of strate a gic financial and operational risks undertakenk before the crisis adequaq tea ly capta ured the impam cta of the downo tun rn, agaig nst 42 per cent who believev that it did not.