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AGALAustralian Government Analytical Laboratories
AGALAssociaçom Galega da Língua (Galiza)
AGALAppointing Guardian Ad Litem (legal term)
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The Agals had recently relocated from Barangay Kayaga off Kabana and Ugalingan towns.
Romulo Labisores, Ugalingan village chair, said the Agal family had moved to the village from Barangay Manili, where unidentified armed men also tried to do them harm, last year.
I had bought the band gifts consisting of Gotras, Agals and Gahfiyas, the Arabic head dress.
During the "training sessions", the Emirati n'l (footwear) and agal (black, rope-like headwear) were used as weapons against Satwa G's.
At one time, he moved close to her and wanted to put the piece of paper in her bag, but she slapped him, making him lose his agal, the black cord used to keep the gotra, the headdress, in place on the wearer's head.
Jan who was attired in Emirati costume complete with Agal and Ghotra was not alone in singing the UAE's praises.
A little wind cannot stop us," Abdullah, an audience member told Gulf News as he held his ghotra and agal with one hand.
I believe that I was lucky that on that evening I was wearing an agal, the black coil Gulf nationals put on the head, and it took the main hit.
In "Majority of One (White)," a number of white kaffiyehs and agals flood the photo.
They didn't mind my naivete about some of their customs, as the men were willing to answer any questions about both "nitty gritty" things such as the length of their thobes, the color of their ghutras, and the reason that their agals were black.
The Beduin were stunning--flowing robes in black and brown and cream, with flashes of red, agals like crowns.
He tells the martial arts experts that in the training they use knives, shoes and agals (the black cord that keeps the ghutrah in place in traditional Emirati clothing).