AGASAAkeno Giant Air Shower Array (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research at University of Tokyo; Japan)
AGASAAmateur Gamers Association of South Africa
AGASAAgnostic and Atheist Student Association (University of California, Davis)
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Taken together, the Fly's Eye and AGASA results suggested a new population of extremely energetic cosmic-ray particles.
Since 1993 AGASA has recorded a few dozen particles beyond the GZK cutoff, including just 11 events with energies above [10.sup.20] eV.
A recent analysis of AGASA data suggests there is a trend, with UHECRs showing some preference for the supergalactic plane --the midplane of a large concentration of galaxies that includes well-known clusters in Virgo, Fornax, and Perseus, as well as the Ursa Major galaxy group.
AGASA continues to detect particles with energies above [10.sup.20] eV, suggesting a cosmic-ray spectrum that carries on without any hint of the GZK cutoff.
"By running the two together, we should be able to resolve the conflict between AGASA and HiRes."