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AGASTAlliance of Grandparents Against SIDS Tragedy
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The consequence of Theseus' administration of justice is a near apocalyptic combination of grief and anger: How [the trees] weren feld shal nat be toold for me; Ne hou the goddes ronnen up and doun, Disherited of hire habitacioun, In which the woneden in reste and pees, Nymphes, fawnes and amadrides; Ne hou the beestes and the briddes alle Fledden for fere, whan the wode was falle; Ne how the ground agast was of the light, That was nat wont to seen the sonne bright; Ne how the fyr was couched first with stree, And thanne with drye stikkes cloven a thre, And thanne with grene wode and spicerye, And thanne with clooth of gold and with perrye, And gerlandes, hangynge with ful many a flour, The mirre, the'encens, with al so greet odour; ....
Indeed, one English mariner, in service to the Dutch, was so shaken in his perception of who he was after a stint in foreign service that, "staring as yf he had byn agast," he confessed to Richard Cocks that "he was dowbtfull whether he might tell me he was an English man or no." (5) The diverse ways in which merchants integrated themselves as outsiders and foreigners into unfamiliar communities reveal that there was no single English style of interaction with foreign people.
sodenly kissed his paramour and seyd, "We shul sclope Togider hul by hul as we have many a nyghte, And yf he com and make noyse, I prey yew dub hym knyght." "Yis, dame," quod hir paramour, "be thow nat agast. This is his own staff, thow seyest; thereof he shal atast." (ll.
As for Britain's Royal Ballet, Dame Ninette perhaps would be agast to discover that out of seventeen principals, only two were born in jolly old Britain.
SANTA FE FANTASIE 1 SPRINGFIELD FIELDSTRIPPING 3 (W10NCD) ST PAUL SPATULA 1 TALLAHASSEE THALASSOCHELYS 10 CARETTA (OED - note 7) TOPEKA OUTSPEAK 2 TRENTON UNROTTEN 1 85 Note 1: AUGUST as a one-letter transdeletion is trivial; a better-mixed two-letter transdeletion is AGAST (TCD).
being agast [he] start up with his applepie in his hand (for it had byn pittie a poore hungrie thresher should have lost so good a repast) suddenly hearing a voice that commanded him, come away: Away quod he, whither shall I come?