AGATAssociation des Groupes Amitié Turner
AGATAssociation for Graphic Arts Training (est. 1986)
AGATArginineglycine Amidinotransferase
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Further information, including assay results, will be provided upon receipt from AGAT.
According to Alex Chen, president of AGAT, his company spent three years building Taiwan's first aluminum extrusion plant to ensure a stable supply of high-quality ingots.
AGAT also showcased an 18-inch racing car wheel weighing only six kgs.
Several methods for measuring AGAT activity have been published, but these methods are nonspecific because the measured ornithine formed during the assay can be of different origin (3, 4) or they are impracticable because they use radioactivity (1).
Turning to AGAT, the research institute is developing the 9B-1103M active radar seeker as a private venture for use in missiles with a 200-mm body diameter.
The aims of this study were (a) to examine the biochemical pattern of Cr metabolism derangement in AGAT deficiency, (b) to evaluate whether GAA and/or Cr+Crn concentrations tested by a new HPLC method might constitute specific and sensitive markers for the biochemical diagnosis of the disease, (c) to compare the patterns of biochemical alterations in AGAT and GAMT deficiencies, and (d) to test the sensitivities of these biochemical markers for the detection of heterozygous carriers of AGAT and GAMT deficiency traits.
An AGAT Films & Cie (France)/Versus Production (Belgium) production, in association with Rhone-Alpes Cinema.