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AGATEAdvanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
AGATEAdvocacy for Gifted and Talented Education
AGATEAssociation of Gifted and Talented Education
AGATEAdvanced Gamma-Ray Astronomy Telescope Experiment
AGATEAdvanced, Gifted, and Talented Education
AGATEAerial Gunnery Advanced Technology Evaluation
AGATEAir-to-Ground Acquisition & Tracking Equipment
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In the near future, newspapers will be confronted with having to revamp the agate pages -- whether that confrontation is initiated by readers tired of squinting or whether it is mandated by designers anxious to win awards.
Agate, formed when mineral-rich water flows through volcanic rock, consists of millions of micrometer-sized crystals.
Between 2007 and 2015, 26 motor vehicle crashes were reported along East 30th Avenue between Spring and Agate, and on East 30th just outside those areas, according to Oregon Department of Transportation data.
Agate is available in a variety of colours, choose the one that appeals to you most.
Also, none of them would explain why Agate's 10-member board promised to give $1 million - less than 1 percent of the $109 million purchase price that was distributed to Agate's shareholders - to benefit the community that helped create their windfall.
Agate spent much of yesterday talking to members about the England manager's latest indiscretion.
Champion hurdler and Olympic hopeful Samantha Farquharson and Angela Agate clashed in a fiery dispute as their cars left a suburban supermarket car park.
At the same time Trillium patients were suffering from a lack of services, Trillium was pouring millions into cash reserves, apparently making itself financially attractive to a buyer, say Trillium patients and local health providers who are critical of last year's sale of Trillium's former parent company, Agate Resources, to Centene Corp., a national for-profit health insurer.
More Than You Know by Rosalyn Story Agate, September 2004 $24.95, ISBN 0-972-45628-7
Kota Agate Container Ships P-Delta -- 10/10/16 04:30 -
The $109 million was paid to the 218 shareholders of Trillium's parent company, Agate Resources.
Agate has been found on every continent, but there are few illustrative references on the market devoted to agates alone.