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AGATEAdvanced Gamma-Ray Astronomy Telescope Experiment
AGATEAerial Gunnery Advanced Technology Evaluation
AGATEAir-to-Ground Acquisition & Tracking Equipment
AGATEAdvanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
AGATEAdvocacy for Gifted and Talented Education
AGATEAssociation of Gifted and Talented Education
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The newspaper argued that the money the Agate shareholders will receive in the sale is in effect coming from taxpayers because Centene will seek to recoup its payment for Agate by making profits from its management of the Oregon Health Plan and Medicare in Lane County.
Such information involves substantial risks and uncertainties including, among other things, whether and when Centene and Agate will satisfy the various closing conditions, including without limitation obtaining the required regulatory approvals; and economic, regulatory, competitive and other factors that may cause the actual benefits to be materially different from those expressed in this press release.
Swirls of natural graphic design make a group of agate ornaments intriguing for the holiday tree, or just to hang on cupboards or window latches.
Sitrick hasn't seen the documents Agate filed, but says he wouldn't be surprised if they're phony, reports TMZ.
Unfortunately, we're not blessed with many decent agate localities in Wales.
While the wellbeing of its guests takes priority at Agate Hotels, sustainable environmental and social development and, most importantly, renewable energy are also cornerstones of the vision.
Agate was first to introduce this software architecture which functions like a low-level operating system manager.
AGATE is searching for a high-tech solution and may have found a compact, economical answer in what it calls electro-expulsive technology - a system that uses high-frequency electronic pulses generated through thin-film conductors embedded in the structure to create hammer-like knocks from inside the wings, shattering the icy crust.
Out of the 60-page paper that was delivered to my doorstep April 6, 20 of those pages could be considered agate.
Since its formation in late 2007, Agate I has invested in 9 promising companies.
But who are the other 214 shareholders in Agate Resources, Trillium's parent company, and how much will they each get?
Contract notice: Application management of the agate application.