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AGATEAdvanced Gamma-Ray Astronomy Telescope Experiment
AGATEAerial Gunnery Advanced Technology Evaluation
AGATEAir-to-Ground Acquisition & Tracking Equipment
AGATEAdvanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
AGATEAdvocacy for Gifted and Talented Education
AGATEAssociation of Gifted and Talented Education
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Avnet's Agate IoT Solution empowers customers by leveraging Avnet's diverse ecosystem of suppliers with best-in-class hardware, software and service offerings to create a fully integrated connected gateway development solution, said John Salemme, vice president and general manager of Avnet Embedded.
Agate is based in Eugene, Oregon, and serves residents of that US state.
Examples of Brazilian agate and onyx cut into bookends can be found at TheRockShed.
All tolled, Agate claims Forstmann lost 96,000 dollars in the days surrounding the Federer/Nadal match and Agate filed a receipt for a 96,000 dollars wire transfer to prove it, the money which Agate says Forstmann paid him for the gambling losses.
I've picked up many agate pebbles myself from beaches in Norfolk and north-east Scotland, Scotland in particular being famous for its agates.
There is nothing like the Agate concept anywhere else in the world," says Saker.
This article concentrates on several of the more popular types of rare banded varieties of agate from Northern Mexico, and provides precise geographic coordinates for several of the more important localities.
AP spokesman Paul Colford said he had not heard of PA Sports Ticker, but he said in a statement: "The Associated Press has always been one of the Daily News' sports agate providers and the Associated Press continues to be one of the Daily News' sports agate providers.
Agate is a likeable moose who has low self-esteem issues.
Samples of 250 mL with a maximum particle feed size of < 15 mm are ground in dust-tight and user-friendly grinding sets of chrome steel, tungsten carbide, zirconium oxide or agate and are contamination-free and neutral to analysis.
Mr McCartney was sentenced in 1979 for the murders of industrialist Jeff Agate and Special Branch detective Patrick McNulty.
Doug LaCount of Station 149 in Castaic said that health hazardous materials squad was en route to clean the air in the Austin's Agate Court home so detectives and coroner's officials could investigate.