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AGAVEAccess Grid Augmented Virtual Environment
AGAVEAccess Grid Augmented Virtual Environment (University of Illinois, Chicago)
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The company even goes beyond CRT [Tequila Regulatory Council] requirements by certifying their agave as organic for their entire seven to nine year lifespan, as opposed to just the two year minimum the CRT requires.
Using both agave and sugarcane fibre as feedstock for the biorefinery and green electricity plant means both facilities can operate all year around rather than just nine months, which overcomes sugarcanes seasonal nature, Mr Dick said.
Aunque el tequila era uno de los productos principales de la Nueva Galicia desde la epoca colonial (Macias y Valenzuela 2009), poco despues del derrocamiento del porfiriato, en 1911, el Estado diseno una estrategia para fortalecer una identidad mexicana basada en su consumo utilizando las costumbres de elaboracion de bebidas destiladas a base de agave de varias partes del pais, y beber tequila en vez de licores importados fue una de esas expresiones.
Some of the more serious health issues that can be treated by agave americana are stomach inflammation, ulcers, tuberculosis, jaundice, liver disorders, high fever, menstrual problems and syphilis.
Now, about half of tequila exports are 100% agave, compared to less than 15% of brands over a decade ago.
And the recently opened Fine & Rare restaurant offers an Agave Explorer tasting option in addition to tequila flights.
Firstly, although agave tissues may be obtained directly from infested agave plants, the recommended practices to eliminate infested plants can make it difficult to find them, and in this case it is necessary to obtain the tissues from healthy agave plants with a commercial value (plants in growth stages, shoots from rhizomes of parental plants, termed "hijuelos").
Industry sources say supplies of agave are considered adequate to meet expected demand for agave azul in 2016 and 2017, given the rate of planting in recent years, but an oversupply appears imminent in 2018 and 2019.
Agave owns and operates natural gas gathering and processing assets in the Delaware Basin of southeastern New Mexico and the Powder River Basin of eastern Wyoming.
While agave is relatively new to a lot of consumers, it has a long history of use in Mexico.
According to national brand ambassador Gina Castillo, Don Julio established the tradition of planting blue agave farther apart to encourage larger growth and sweeter maturation.
Tambien han sido mencionados en estado silvestre en la peninsula y/o las islas Baleares los taxones Agave amaniensis Trel.