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AGBAsymptotic Giant Branch (HR diagram for stars)
AGBAllgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (German: General terms and conditions / Standard business conditions)
AGBGame Boy Advance
AGBAktionsgruppe Babynahrung
AGBAdvanced Gameboy
AGBAlt.guitar.bass (newsgroup)
AGBAssociation of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges
AGBAdjustable Gastric Band (bariatric surgery)
AGBIce Breaker (USCG)
AGBAugsburg, Germany - Muehlhausen (Airport Code)
AGBA Gaming Brotherhood (forum)
AGBAlliance for Global Business
AGBAlternative Governance Board (various locations)
AGBAccessory Gearbox
AGBAudits of Great Britain
AGBAlumni Giving Back (Spanish university)
AGBAgricultural Business Management
AGBAfter Grog Bog
AGBAutomatic Gear Box
AGBAutonomous Guided Bomb
AGBAir Guard Base (US military)
AGBAmerican Guitar & Band
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Blastenia crenularia (With) Arup, Sochting & Froden: 3: AGB (BCN-AG 44); 8: FGR (MACB 108881); 16: STP (LEB-Lich 7992).
The 59 talks and 55 poster papers explore such topics as mass loss and variability in evolved stars, imaging radio photospheres with the Jansky Very Large Array, thermohaline mixing and isotope ratios in AGB stars, photometric properties of carbon stars in the Small Magellanic Clouds, and spectroscopy surface brightness fluctuations: amplifying bright stars in unresolved stellar populations.
Commenters also wrote to the IRS about how the IRS could apply the AGB system to needy patients who do have health insurance but have trouble paying deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs.
4 percent of the AGB job holders were involved in "handling" things compared to only 47.
Among the topics are the evolution and nucleo-synthesis of extremely metal-poor AGB stars, the second release of the Torun Catalogue of galactic post-AGB stars, double chemistry in galactic bulge planetary nebulae, and the role of AGB stars in the global gas and dust budget of the Large Magellanic cloud.
Stuart possesses a unique combination of strong technical expertise and business experience that will be key to cultivating our consultant, broker and customer relationships, as well as market development activities in the region," said Mark Jardin, current AGB managing director in the Middle East and Africa.
Our unique combination of a global presence and local market expertise enables us to continue to offer new, innovative benefits solutions, as well as cutting-edge tools and resources that meet the needs of our diverse customer base in the Middle East," said Mark Jardin, AGB managing director in the Middle East and Africa.
Articles considered appropriate for the AGB include: a) full-length research articles, b) research reports, c) clinical demonstrations, d) technical article, and e) book reviews.
According to a recent study by AGB Nielsen Media Research, which measures audience viewership in Mega Manila (the Central Luzon, Calabarzon, Mimaro and Metro Manila regions), 40-plus housewives and two-to-12-year-old kids spent the most time watching TV in 2006.
The company acquired Dublin, Ireland-based AGB Scientific, which had 2004 revenues of 30 million [euro] ($38.
It does this by running two 2GHz processors in tandem and, thanks to the adoption of AGB and PCI-X for massive bandwith (PCI speeds from 33MHz-133MHz and throughput from 266MBps-2GBps), this machine doesn't just look mean; it plays mean, too.
Mr Brown's allies said the disclosure should finally nail suggestions that he had benefited improperly from the purchase of the flat from AGB Research Ltd in 1992.