AGBIAmerican Genealogical-Biographical Index
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In order to compute AGBI based on 2-attribute grouping, transactions are categorized with reference to attributes i and j into three types: i) transactions that need access (for read or for write) to attribute i but not j, ii) transactions that need access to attribute j but not i, and iii) transactions that need access to attributes i and j.
The AVR expression is used in the computation of AGBI.
AGBI is calculated for each pair of attributes i and j, considering the two cases: i) when attributes i and j are stored together as one fragment and ii) when attributes i and j are stored in separate fragments.
The AGBI computations for sequential retrieval, random retrieval, insertion, deletion, and modify transactions are shown below.
Meanwhile, AGBI also owns a small, gravel parking lot across Eighth Avenue from the courthouse.