AGBIAmerican Genealogical-Biographical Index
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With this, AGBI ensures strict compliance to the international standards of quality assurance and standardization.
Its core is the preservation of the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information that AGBI covers and protects through security policies, risk management processes, and code of practice for information.
The AGBI systematically examines all business matters related to information security risks, vulnerabilities, and impacts, taking into account all system threats, designing and implementinga consistent and extensive suite of info security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment.
AGBI guarantees a global standard of process and capability of adopting a versatile information security management, protecting AGBI against threats and vulnerabilities.
As a broader regional index, Citi said it is also introducing the Citigroup Asia Pacific Government Bond Index (APGBI), which measures the performance of Australia, New Zealand and the AGBI markets.
In order to compute AGBI based on 2-attribute grouping, transactions are categorized with reference to attributes i and j into three types: i) transactions that need access (for read or for write) to attribute i but not j, ii) transactions that need access to attribute j but not i, and iii) transactions that need access to attributes i and j.
The AVR expression is used in the computation of AGBI.
AGBI is calculated for each pair of attributes i and j, considering the two cases: i) when attributes i and j are stored together as one fragment and ii) when attributes i and j are stored in separate fragments.
The AGBI computations for sequential retrieval, random retrieval, insertion, deletion, and modify transactions are shown below.
The negative sign of AGBI indicates it is not beneficial to group attributes together in case of sequential retrieval transactions.
Meanwhile, AGBI also owns a small, gravel parking lot across Eighth Avenue from the courthouse.