AGBOAuckland Gay Bowling Organization (Auckland, New Zealand)
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Stafford toolmaker Mark Jasper was the top West Midland driver on the AGBO Stages, run by Owen Motoring Club at Weston Park.
AGBO Stages (Weston Park): 1 D Auden (Escort Cosworth) 40:31; 2 M Jasper (Escort Cosworth) 40:43; 3 D Rowlands (Escort) 41:22; 4 N Beddoes (Escort) 41:33; 5 S Hassall (Peugeot 205) 41:44; 6 N Pollitt (Peugeot 206) 42:23.
Nick Beddoes set the fastest time on nine of the twelve stages at Western Park to win the AGBO stages rally by 17 seconds.