AgBSAmsterdam graduate Business School
AgBSAssociation of Graduate Business Students (Marshall School of Business; University of Southern California)
AgBSAcademia General Básica de Suboficiales (Spanish army NCO academy)
AgBSAcute Guillain-Barre Syndrome
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Lot 1 includes next posts: - item 1: General civil liability and legal aid - item 2: Obligatory insurance of objective liability in case of fire and explosion - item 3: Protection of local mandates - item 4: Insurance of urban academies - item 5: Civil liability and physical accidents in voluntary activities - item 6: Directors~ liability agbs - item 7: Driver liability vzw~s - item 8: Civil liability private life.
Exchange-traded AGBs will be quoted and transacted on ASX in a similar way to shares, with each bond quoted as a gross price (capital plus accrued interest) with a face value of $100.
The launch of Exchange-traded AGBs will increase the amount of ASX-quoted assets for retail investors in the interest rate category from $35 billion to approximately $280 billion, an eight-fold increase.
As the market develops, buying and selling AGBs and corporate bonds may become as straightforward as purchasing shares is today.
The commencement of trading AGBs follows the introduction earlier this year of legislation creating a simple corporate bond regime to further encourage the retail trade of corporate bonds.