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AGBUAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
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(55) By 1924, the League of Nations High Commission for Refugees, the Armenian National Delegation, and the AGBU were cooperating with the Soviet Union on a new scheme for the agricultural resettlement of 50,000 refugees.
Agbu, "Type A behaviour pattern: a new insight to gender challenges in higher education," Psychology, Health and Medicine, vol.
Based in New York, AGBU has donated $1.7 million in relief aid since the conflict began in order to help Syrian Armenian families exposed to the civil war.
Soil colour is a function of clay mineralogy (Miller and Donahue 1997), texture (Foth 1984), organic matter content (Agbu and Olson 1990; Winegardner 1995), and ultimately the drainage conditions (He et al.
Its corrupting effects on governments' institutions are barely perceptible because they are less visible than those caused by gunrunning and drug trafficking (Agbu 2003).
Consequently, some authors (Agbu 2016; Alebiosu 2016) have advocated the continuous use of card reader and other relevant technologies in Nigerian elections.
In October 2012, on the occasion of AGBU's 87th General Assembly in Yerevan, a new AGBU educational and
Other reports indicate that there is also now a gender angle to the environmental devastation of the Niger Delta (Agbu and Oche, 2012, pp.
She was also a member of AGBU, Daughters of Vartan, Armenian Assembly and Armenian Library and Museum of America.
In the day's other game, second-placed Champville had no problems defeating a struggling Antranik, with the final score at AGBU Center at 99-78.