AGBUArmenian General Benevolent Union
AGBUAnimal Genetics and Breeding Unit
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82) In July 1946, Houcharar, an AGBU publication, noted: "In Erevan and its environs alone, some 500 houses are being built for the repatriates," while plans were being made for "suburban settlements.
AGBU schools have been holding intensive English language classes on Saturdays since the beginning of the academic year to help Syrian students catch up.
cultural initiative was announced by Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR) President Bako Sahakyan and AGBU President Berge
The AGBU had been entrusted with the administration of the MEI by the founding Melkonian brothers.
James Armenian Church and their Womens Guild, and AGBU.
I also want to acknowledge the support services offered by the Police Protective League, the AGBU Manoojian Demirdjian School, concerned citizens, the local restaurants that stayed open to serve the officers throughout the night, and members of the media for keeping the community informed as the tragedy was unfolding.
Rivera's relatives were taken into the AGBU Manoojian Demirdjian School auditorium, a private Armenian campus nearby, for counseling and questioning about why something like this happened, several family members said.
Officers took many of Rivera's relatives to the AGBU Manoojian Demirdjian School auditorium, a private Armenian campus near the house, for counseling and questioning, several family members said.
5 Hillcrest Christian of Granada Hills, AGBU of Canoga Park, Faith Baptist of Canoga Park, West Valley Christian of West Hills, Sierra Canyon of Chatsworth
AGBU improved to 17-2 overall with a four-game victory Tuesday over West Valley Christian of West Hills, the first league loss for the No.