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Acute gangrenous cholecystitis (AGCh) as it was mentioned above, presented from 2% up to 31% patients being performed cholecystectomy with preoperative diagnosis "acute cholecystitis" (Khadjibaev et al., 2004; Fahim et al., 2000; Morfin et al., 1968; Singer and Mckeen, 1994; Croley, 1992; Hunt and Chu, 2000; Merriam et al., 1999).
Due to non-specific clinical and laboratorial findings the diagnostics of AGCh remains a dilemma for operating surgeons.
Despite of great technical difficulties and increase the risk of laparoscopic operation in AGCh laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LChE) was successfully made by us in most cases.
Such clinical presentations of AGCh as pains in the right subcostal area, fever and leucocytosis do not differ from acute simple cholecystitis.
One of the reliable signs is the wedging stone in gallbladder neck which we have observed in 88% patients with AGCh. Therefore, being based on clinical, laboratorial, instrumental findings the preoperative diagnosis of AGCh was verified only in 56 from 485 (11.5 %) patients.