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The latter fits to the lattice parameter of bulk AgCl (a = 0.546 nm, NaCl structure, Fm3m space group) [27].
After 3 min standing, the color of the reaction liquid turned to stable (reddish brown), and then the residual AgCl, which is formed during the reaction, was removed by the additional concentrated N[H.sub.4]OH (1 mL).
Ag / AgCl) at a scan rate of 100 mV / s to obtain the respective CV curves.
In conclusion, treating dyed fabrics with a colloidal solution based on AgCl and Ti[O.sub.2] does not significantly influence colour resistance of dyes.
AgCl [left and right arrow] [Ag.sup.+] + [Cl.sup.-], [K.sub.sp] = [[Ag.sup.+]][[Cl.sup.-]]
Electrocatalytic performance test use Potentiostate (757 VA Computrace, Metrohm) with Ag / AgCl as a standard electrode.
Previous work by the authors has shown that silver impregnated activated carbon (SIAC) and silver chloride impregnated activated carbon (SIAC-Cl) are effective materials for removal and sequestration of iodide from water through the formation of a silver iodide (AgI(s)) surface precipitate (i.e., [Ag.sup.+] + [I.sup.-] [left and right arrow] [AgI.sub.(s)] or AgCl + [I.sup.-] [left and right arrow] [AgI.sub.(s)] + [Cl.sup.-], Agi [K.sub.sp]=[10.sup.-17]).
Figure 2 and Figure 3 presents the input hardware, we used the same type of AgCl electrodes for both biosignals.
The first involves chemical modification of fibers with an active antimicrobial agent, which is demonstrated with the use of a finish on a base of AgCl in combination with an organic-inorganic binder.