AGCMAtmospheric General Circulation Model
AGCMArmy Good Conduct Medal
AGCMAtmospheric Global Circulation Model
AGCMMaster Chief Aerographer's Mate (Naval rating)
AGCMAdiabatic Generator Coordinate Method
AGCMAbsolutely Gay Christian Men
AGCMAlpine Gordini Club Mérois (French car club)
AGCMAnderson Group Construction Management (Texas)
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This issue has been validated by performing a set of AGCM experiments.
The distribution of skills by career pathway was, AGBMGT, 14; AGCM, 29; ANSI, 28; APST, 29; FPP, 19; NRES, 13, and PSS, 29 (see Figure 2).
This new attitude of the AGCM certainly paved the way for the Melandri Reform.
In particular, these deals come after the NCA, AGCM, invited comments on commitments by Vodafone to host an MVNO on its network in relation to the above-mentioned competition law inquiry against the three GSM incumbents.
Los AGCC y el 50% de los AGCM saturados con un numero par hasta de 16 Carbonos, son sintetizados de novo en el citoplasma de la MEC a partir del acetato y 3-hidroxi butirato que llegan en la sangre proveniente de la fermentacion en el rumen, en reacciones catalizadas por las enzimas acetil CoA carboxilasa (ACC) y acido graso sintetasa (FAS).
More recently, in August 2006, we had the first decision of the AGCM that condemned a beer producer for misleading advertising, resulting in a fine of 60,500 euros ($84,700).
The European Commission decided on October 23 to refer the examination of the proposed BAT/ETI merger to the Italian competition authorities, the Autorita Garrante della Concorrenza et del Mercato, as requested by the AGCM on October 13.
Related Research: Fitch Takes Various Rating Actions on Bonds Deposited in TOB Trusts Insured by AGC & AGCM
We performed several 100-member ensemble experiments of 2016 (initialized on 1 June 2009 and continuously updated every year) using the AGCM of MIROC5 (T85L40, Watanabe et al.
Open procedure divided into 2 lots, adjudicated separately for the award covers RCT / O (Lot 1) and All Risks (Lot 2) for AGCM (station Contracting) and CONSOB.
greater than or equal to] 75 % indicated "Agree" or "Strongly Agree"), by pathway, were FPP, 2; PSS, 5; ANSI, 29; APST, 2; AGBMGT, 3; and AGCM, 13.
In this research study, the case was AGCM 4403: Campaign Planning for Agriculture and Natural Resources, which has been taught at a Oklahoma State University since 2003 and has an typical enrollment of 25 to 40 students.