AGCMAtmospheric General Circulation Model
AGCMArmy Good Conduct Medal
AGCMAtmospheric Global Circulation Model
AGCMMaster Chief Aerographer's Mate (Naval rating)
AGCMAdiabatic Generator Coordinate Method
AGCMAbsolutely Gay Christian Men
AGCMAlpine Gordini Club Mérois (French car club)
AGCMAnderson Group Construction Management (Texas)
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This new attitude of the AGCM certainly paved the way for the Melandri Reform.
3 = SST (2080-2099)--SST (1979-1998) Where: AJ is the simulation of present climate with the TL959L60 AGCM model (20x20), using observed climatological SST as a driver, without seasonal variation.
Edizione contests in toto the arguments of the initiation of proceedings of the AGCM and will take all appropriate action to defend its legitimate interests.
The AGCM criticises the alleged lack of vigilance by Edizione Holding of the operations of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants S.
The AGCM attributes to Edizione the decision made by the trust company with regards to the modality of the competitive tender and of the selection of the participants, modalities which were autonomously defined by the trust company and in line with the strategic decisions delegated to it.
In addition it should be noted that this criteria has been adopted in the past without criticism from the AGCM.
The AGCM contests, moreover, the participation in the competitive tender of Associazioni Temporanee di Impresa - ATI (Temporary Company Associations) with an operator holding pre-emptive rights for catering services, given that the ATI has been created by members who, according to the AGCM, are able to participate alone in the call for bids of both oil and catering services.
The product in question had proven anti-oxidant properties; however, the company made, through various channels (including TV, radio, press and the company s website), a number of claims that went beyond those authorized under the EU Health Claims Regulation (EC) 1924/2006, which attracted the scrutiny of the AGCM.
The AGCM also found that the claims were in breach of the Italian Ministry of Health s 2012 Guidelines concerning the advertising of physiological effects of herbal substances (Linee Guida Ministeriali di Riferimento per gli Effetti Fisiologici), issued to regulate health claims for botanical and herbal substances pending the enactment of specific EU regulation.
In May 2013, the fine was charged by Italy's competition authority AGCM and relates to Telecom Italia's abuse of its dominant market position in fixed-line network infrastructure.
2 million by the anti-trust regulator AGCM for restricting competitors' access to its infrastructure and EUR 15.