AGCNAdventist Global Communication Network (Silver Spring, MD)
AGCNArbinet Global Clearing Network (Arbinet Communications, Inc.; various locations)
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LPC Chairman Mian Nauman, is quite sure that AGCN and Green Park would get the contract and there would be no fresh tenders.
Arbinet Global Clearing Network and AGCN are trademarks of Arbinet Communications, Inc.
Referred to by industry leaders as "the Nasdaq of telecommunications," the AGCN is the first real-time international exchange for posting and routing telecom minutes.
The AGCN permits sellers to list capacity for sale and buyers to list analogous offers to buy.
Registered customers access the secure trading floor of the AGCN using standard browsers with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Any way you look at 1998, we are making history with a record year for Arbinet and the AGCN exchange," he continued.
Carriers view the advantages of the AGCN from several perspectives -- cost benefits, ability to outsource risk of payment, buying power and the number of in house personnel and contracts managed in house.
AGCN was recently awarded Internet Telephony magazine's prestigious Editor's Choice Award for 1999.