AGCOMAutorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni (Italy)
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AGCOM found that the emissions cheating amounted to "unfair commercial practice" by misleading consumers as to VW's well-advertised green credentials.
The telecom operator got a preliminary nod from AGCOM on the spin-off in late July.
"We want to work with the public and the farmer to work out the mutual benefit," said Kristi Ressler, the AgCom's chairwoman and a farmer herself.
In early June, Monti picked an economist not aligned with any political party, Angelo Maria Cardani, who had served on Monti's staff when he was European markets commissioner in Brussels, to head TV and telco regulator Agcom. Though doubts persist about its effectiveness, due to a politically influenced board, Agcom could play a key role in redefining the TV rules in Italy.
With commercial loudness being legislated in Europe by groups including the European Broadcasting Union (EBU's Ploud specification R 128) and Italy's AGCOM, it is more important than ever that TV stations and networks are able to monitor the loudness of their broadcasts in real time to comply with regulations and improve the overall user listening experience for viewers.
AGCOM (the Authority that ensures equity within broadcasting market), with its sentences n.
In May 2007, Agcom undertook a public consultation on functional
Minzolini's TG1 show was, along with its main rival on Berlusconi's own Mediaset network, TG5, fined by broadcast watchdog Agcom for under-reporting the opposition Democratic Party in favour of Berlusconi's People of Freedom party before March regional elections.
The regulations, due to go into effect Feb.5, would make Internet sites as liable as television stations for their content and subject to hefty fines by the AGCOM media watchdog.
(47) In June 2008, the Italian regulatory authority, AGCom, issued a public consultation on its findings from the (second round) market investigation review in what was then market 15 launched in April 2007.