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AGCTArmy General Classification Test
AGCTAdult Granulosa Cell Tumor
AGCTAnime Girl Catfight Tournament (video game)
AGCTAssociated General Contractors of Texas
AGCTAdvanced Gene Technology Corporation
AGCTAnti-Globulin Consumption Test
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Work is also now advanced on upgrading AGCT's on-dock rail terminal to offer an annual capacity of 360,000 TEUs per year.
To our knowledge, approximately 10-15% of Stage Ia AGCT patients and 20-30% of all patients will develop metastasis or recurrence, and relapses are often detected more than 5 years after the initial treatment.[1] Most AGCTs harbor a unique somatic C134W (c.402C>G) mutation of the FOXL2 gene, and this is a relatively specific and sensitive marker for AGCT.[4] Identifying FOXL2 mutation may be helpful for differential diagnosis, especially in mixed tumors with AGCT-like components.[5] In our series, FOXL2 mutations were detected in 5 (83%) cases.
(42) A morphologic aspect of the AGCT, shared with the Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor, is alterations in its appearance when excised in the last trimester of pregnancy.
We conducted a retrospective single-center cohort study of all patients with AGCT diagnosed and treated in the Medical Oncology Department at Salah Azaiz Institute for cancer from 1995 to 2010.
Khalid Jabr, Vice Chairman AGCT highlighted at the press conference earlier that they will be releasing an AGCT Cricket Magazine first time in the history of AGCT, that will be distributed to all the ADNOC group of companies.
The new requirements could significantly aGct multifamily green building projects moving forward.
Adult granulosa cell tumour (AGCT) of the ovary is recently reported as 0.6-3.0% of ovarian tumours, and 70% of sex cord tumours with a median age of 50-54 years at diagnosis.1,4,10 It is often a hormone-secretary and endocrine-active tumour, which produces sex osteroids like estrogens with their subsequent effects on target tissues.2,7 This gives them distinguished presenting clinical features like postmenopausal bleeding, menorrhagia, or metrorrhagia.10 Less commonly they can be androgenic with virilising effects.
To study enrichment reaction parameters, we used the biallelic variant rs149041370 (A/G) with primer agct cagaactgcctggtgt and snapback primer acGTTCTTTG CAGAACTGGCTGGtctctgggctgtccacacctgaa, to produce a 133-bp amplicon.
We also use data from the Army General Classification Test (AGCT), a precursor to the AFQT, and find that access to Rosenwald schools increased average Black scores by about 0.25 standard deviations adding to the existing literature showing that interventions can reduce the racial gap in cognitive skill.
Trace files were generated by using an ABI 3730xl automatic sequencer and read using either 1) the Phred (8,9), Phrap (, or Consed (10) package or 2) Sequencher (AGCT, Gene Codes Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI, USA).
(Very few folks walk down the street thinking "AGCT GCAT" although one can encode language as DNA and vice versa.) But because language is the paradigm example of communication and because information systems tend to resemble each other, there may be a tendency to think of all uses of information as communicative.