AGDIAfrican Gender and Development Index
AGDIAnonymous Game Developers Interactive
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The seminar highlighted on the research of AGID Plan, investigating how GIS is being utilized in agencies; significant schedule for arranging AGDI per agency; and completing information of the consumption of the agency s geospatial data to the Philippine Geoportal System via the agency s node portal module.
AGDI provides products, training, consulting and support services to ensure rapid and successful implementation of solutions that include Internet/intranet/extranet configurations, data management, computer-aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE), structural and civil engineering, document management, and geographical information systems (GIS).
As a prime contractor and service supplier for software integration and hardware configurations, AGDI developed and delivered customized training classes, documentation for in-house programs and other services to support the successful implementation of MicroStation solutions for more than 2,000 end users throughout the State of California.
Their in-house training could be a model for many large organizations seeking to take full advantage of today's software tools," said Steve Baldonado, vice president of applications at AGDI.
For more information on Caltrans please, contact AGDI at 888/223-8061, through E-mail at bakilby@agdi.
Our job is to help them find the right tools, make sure that their staffs are well trained and to help create well integrated, accessible environments for managing the large number of systems and applications public agencies typically employ," said Bruce Kilby, president of AGDI.
AGDI, an independent reseller and applications integrator based in Irvine, California, specializes in helping government agencies, subcontractors and other large organizations employ technology to maximize productivity and integrate the efforts of multiple workgroups to respond to diverse customer requirements.