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Madrid [Spain], April 6 ( ANI ): The Spanish Data Protection Agency, AGDP launched an investigation into the case of a massive data breach by the United States analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.
And this cost, the difference between AGDP and potential GDP, is impossible to measure.
The positive sign of the intercept would make the average GDP of electricity greater than marginal GDP of electricity and the AGDP will decline.
Figure 1 indicates that a positive shock in AGDP lead to an increase in [DELTA]RIN from the 1st quarter, whereas BVAR model's impulse responses show that positive effects on manufacturing sector become persistent from the 4th quarter as result of a positive shock in [DELTA]GDP.
In the Ghanaian agricultural sector, plantain is ranked third after yam and cassava (FAO, 2010) and contributes about 13.1% to the Agricultural Gross Domestic Product (AGDP).
The variables MS (market share), IHH (industrial concentration index) and AGDP (GDP growth rate) are displayed in percentages.
AGDP (IN 100 BILLION) 1219823 0.058 0.373 -18.627 5.090
The fruits provide available food energy (AFE) of 172 Kcal/inhabitant/day [2], contribute up to 9.5% of total national calorie intake, a per capita annual consumption of 101.8 kg per head [3], and constitute about 13.1% of the Agricultural Gross Domestic Products (AGDP) [4].
The four carriers, Air France/KLM, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic along with UK airport operator BAA have formed a new pressure group, the Aviation Global Deal Group (AGDP) to push for the change.
Livestock farming, especially, dairy farming alone contributes 78% in total AGDP. It is presently undergoing a transition phase from subsistence to commercial dairy farming in the various places of the Tarai region due to the increase of milk marketing facilities in the area.
(8)Corrected for cyclical development, net interest payments, petroleum revenues and technical adjustments; as a per cent of mainland aGDP. (9)Million standard cubic metres of oil quivalents.