AGDPAccess Grid Documentation Project
AGDPAgar Gel Diffusion Precipitation
AGDPAcquisition Graduate Degree Program
AGDPAcademy of General Dental Practice (Hong Kong)
AGDPAir Ground Data Processor (air traffic management)
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Once the government intervention has exacerbated the resource misallocation, an adjustment to AGDP would be much more costly than if the intervention and initial misallocation had not taken place?
The positive sign of the intercept would make the average GDP of electricity greater than marginal GDP of electricity and the AGDP will decline.
The variables MS (market share), IHH (industrial concentration index) and AGDP (GDP growth rate) are displayed in percentages.
But the AGDP is to lobby for their inclusion in the new treaty due to be negotiated at the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen in December.
Livestock farming, especially, dairy farming alone contributes 78% in total AGDP.
Hence, U and AGDP are likely to overestimate the role of legislation and, consequently, the model is liable to under estimate the role played by political factors and by transfer expectations on such distribution.
DIND = total defence expenditure by India, AGDP = GDP- [GDP.