AGDSAdvanced Graphic Development System (computer game software)
AGDSAsian Game Developers Summit
AGDSAcoustic Ground Discrimination System (remote sensing)
AGDSAssociation de Gestion et Développement de Services (French: Association of Management and Development Services)
AGDSAutomated Grants Documentation System
AGDSAssociation of Garage Door Specialists (UK)
AGDSAmerican Gage Design Standard
AGDSDeep Submergence Support Ship
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The AGDS is calling on housebuilders and developers to increase the size of garages they are building with new homes.
As such, we are thrilled to be the first in Minnesota to offer patients the AGDS Test, which adds a level of safety to the LASIK procedure that other laser eye centers in the state cannot offer.
The AGDS Test is easy and safe, involving just a simple mouth swab from a patient's cheek.
Whiting Clinic LASIK + Eye Care's adoption of the AGDS Test truly emphasizes their continuous commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technology to their patients," said Scott Korney, chief operating officer of Avellino Lab USA.
The AGDS Test is the world's first genetic test to detect ACD, a disease that causes cloudiness, specifically grey-white granular deposits on the corneas, which can lead to complete loss of sight.
Offering the AGDS Test differentiates NVISION by adding a level of safety to the LASIK procedure that other laser eye centers cannot offer.
Since 2008, more than 330,000 individuals have been tested with the AGDS Test outside the U.
The non-invasive AGDS test involves a simple mouth swab from the patient's cheek.