AGEAAlberta Geothermal Energy Association (Alberta, Canada)
AGEAAustralian Grain Exporters Association (South Melbourne, VIC, Australia)
AGEAAsociación Guatemalteca de Educación Ambiental (Guatemalan Association of Environmental Education)
AGEAAgar Gel Enzyme Assay
AGEAAber Gas & Electrical Appliances (UK)
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Are excluded from the possibility of offering securities to the paying agency AGEA the guarantors on the relevant list, the acts of the Office Application Unique and CMO, and financial companies.
Prevalence of point mutation haplotypes in pfdhfr and pfdhps in clinical samples from Kachin State, northeast Myanmar, 2007-2009 * Gene Haplotype Codonf Pfdhfr Wild-type NCSI (51, 59, Double mutations NRNI 108, 164) Triple mutations NRNL IRNI Quadruple mutations IRNL Pfdhps Wild-type SAKA (436, 437, Single mutation SGKA 540, 581) Double mutations SGEA SGNA Triple mutations SGEG SGNG AGEA AGNA Quadruple mutations AGEG AGNG Haplotype prevalence, ([double dagger]) % Gene Codonf 2007, n = 41 2008, n = 40 2009, n = 36 Pfdhfr NCSI 2.
The addition of AGEA technology helps to reinforce our position as a leading provider of targeted messaging solutions," stated Robert Webber, Avalon's president and CEO.
AGEA believes that BAS is uniquely positioned to help these companies be more effective and more competitive.
AGEA Corporation -- AGEA Corporation(TM) is a provider of real-time communication solutions for the enterprise that provides access to enterprise information, increases customer responsiveness and facilitates interactions between systems, employees, partners and customers.
By partnering with AGEA to develop CodeWarrior Wireless Enterprise Studio, Metrowerks' developer customers can penetrate the enterprise market with crucial wireless applications, while reducing the amount of time required for front-end development tasks.
the contractor is required to provide a bank guarantee of 10% of the contract, in favor of AGEA.
AGEA Corporation(tm), the technology leader in real-time mobile decision support solutions for the enterprise, today announced it has closed an enterprise-wide software license with Momentum Software, a leading provider of software development and professional services for the Internet and wireless markets.
Are excluded from the possibility of offering securities in favor of the paying agency AGEA the guarantors on the relevant list, the acts of the Office CMO Wine and Other Aid.
Reunies hier au siege du Forum des chefs d'entreprise (FCE), les organisations patronales (CAP, CNPA, CIPA, CGEA, AGEA, UNI et SEVE) ont passe en revue les points d'ores et deja discutes depuis plus d'un mois dans le cadre des reunions de concertation.
As a member of the Motorola Applications Global Network, AGEA will be able to make use of a range of services offered by Motorola that will assist AGEA in its strategy to create enterprise level applications for wireless handsets.