AGEFAllan Gray Equity Fund (South Africa)
AGEFAssociation of Experts in the Field of Migration and Development Cooperation
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During the interview Agef cursed Egypt and Shoaib included this in his transcript.
A subsidiary of Man, the world's largest listed hedge fund that manages $78 billion worth of investments, will be the investment manager of AGEF. Man's subsidiary is called MTM Capital Partners Limited.
The Agef will benefit the environment by reducing damaging gases from oil production while providing new energy.
Agef aims to raise $1.5 billion for investment in projects to capture associated gas from crude oil production and use it to generate electricity and other products, said a Man official.
The launch of AGEF will be a further significant step in ManCOs commitment to environmentally-related projects.
The following regression model was developed to reflect the aforementioned factors hypothesized to affect decision-makers' momentum to change offerings: DECISION-MAKER MOMENTUM TO CHANGE OFFERINGS = MOD + ENV + SIZE + AGEF + PLAN + FORM + TECH - AGEM + EXPM where, DECISION-MAKER MOMENTUM TO CHANGE OFFERINGS = the number of intended offering changes decision-makers perceive will occur between 1993 (Mod Act passed) and 1998 (when the final Mod Act rulings were expected to be complete); MOD = Mod Act uncertainty; ENV = other environmental uncertainty; SIZE = organization size; AGEF = age of organization; PLAN = formal planning; FORM = formalization of procedures; TECH = technical experience of organization; AGEM = age of top decision-maker; EXPM = experience of lop decision-maker.
The Institute for Defense Analyses' Air/Ground Expeditionary Force (AGEF) report called for functional command and control arrangements centered upon strike, force protection, and support (Philippe Loustaunau and Mark Lewis, Aerospace/Ground Expeditionary Force (AGEF) [Alexandria, Va.: Institute for Defense Analyses, October 2001], p.
Due to the donation of AGEF Caritas Essen (the Working Group for Development and Professionals in the Field of Migration and Developmental Co-operation, led by Caritas in Essen, Germany), a series of courses was held, in which some people learned to read and write, others attended sewing courses, and a few younger women attended English classes.
Pour Amine Bennis, coach et animateur du Club Solutions RH de la CFCIM, Laurent Dupuch, President du directoire de la BMCI, et Abdellah Chenguiti, vice-president de l'Association nationale des gestionnaires et formateurs des Ressources humaines (AGEF), cette thematique resume a elle seule toutes les discussions qui seront developpees entre professionnels des Ressources humaines lors du prochain Business Forum.
Homs, Central Syria (SANA) -- Rector of al-Baath University Amer Fakhouri and Chairman of the German Association of Experts in the Fields of Migration and Development Cooperation AGEF Klaus Dunnhaupt on Thursday discussed facilities, material support and financial Scholership provided by the commission to Syrian students to finish their studies in Germany.
C'est en ces termes qu'on pourrait circonscrire une rencontre-debat autour du droit de greve, organisee, samedi dernier dans un grand palace de la ville, par l'Association des gestionnaires et formateurs de la fonction des ressources humaines (AGEF), section d'.